A sick, long schoolday

Hey everybody out there!
Yestday was a very interesting but also exhausting and sick day.
First of all I have here the photod of tht two Fimo items I finished:
As I already said, the right one looks like it's covered with blood and not with barry sauce. Furthermore, the nailpolish is still sticking on the fingers, even though it's already dried. I also don't know, whether one can recognize the plate, tha cake is laying on.

The first lesson in school was english. The teacher talked a long while about the recent classtest and the longer she talked, the more had I the feeling that I srewed up the test. However, the teacher gave back the test scores and mine was pretty okay. I got about 75%. I'm okay with it but there's obviously still huge chances to improve. We also got a book about english grammar.
Because I knew, we'd get back the test, this day already started a bit sick. Because of the agiation and fear I felt sick.
This sickness increased in music science where we maybe sang a bit too loud for my head. I had a headache.
In lunch break, me and some of my friends had to go to a kind of 'gifted program'. I was proud to be there, beacause it was my own earning. Futhermore, this educaton camps sounded very interesting.
Aftr this, we only had a few minutes to go to the next lesson. I don't like my german teacher very much. She spend about the half lesson talking about words of Yiddish orgin and realized at the end of the lesson, that we are not finished yet. Net lesson will be the casstst, so we'll see..
A few weeks before I handed out a voluntary homework to this teacher. She gave it back (later) with the comment, I should stop doing so much voluntary practice because I still have to have freetime. She only talked really shortly with me about what I wrote.
So, this lesson, she gave back the voluntary homework, what was given her before the fall holday. (Keep in mind that it was our last lesson before the classtest). To this girl, what gave her the homework, she talked very longly and in detail. To my mind, this is unfair. It's okay to study (like everyone) by 'study bulimia' a few days before the exam but it is not okay to study continiously, while the test is still far away.
However, the last lesson was computer science. Even in german lesson I started feeling a little sick and now it increased. I counted the minutes left to the lessons end.
After this, I recognized again, how diffrent German and Japanese schools are. After the last lesson I just went to the toilet quickliy. After this, leiterally nobod was in the school's building anymore. In Japan, nobody is surprised to still see students in the school, one hour after the clubs ended.
At home, I ate something and buyed new collegeblocks:
Because of today's long school, I didn't finish my homework yet so I'll have to do it today. I'm also planning to watch all parts of Back To The Future because today is somehow the movie's jubilee; at october 21st 2015, marty McFly arrives in the future(what is very much more developt than out present time is)
So, then, see you later

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