Being creative at the last holiday

I knew it. I knew it. As I'm writing everything down aday after it happened today, I had to write down about yesterday. As ever, Iwanted to do it after my morning routine, but I simly... forgot it. However, fortunatly I have some free time now, so I can write now instead.
Yesterday was the last day of fall holidays. I had a bit huge to do list, but somehow managed it to accomplish it partly. The rest of theday, I spend creatively working.
I drew some pictures.
The first one is for my friend's birthday party, the others are just for fun. I don't really like the rilakkuma picure. It looks weird. The third picuture should depict a cute decora outfit,but it actually get to gaudy and dark.
I went on (as ever) with fimo. I finished my big, brown chocolate cake with 4 pieces, but it got to thick, I think. On my fathers recommendation, I made a piece of a strawberry cake. my mother actually thought, it was a LEGO brick. I still have to practice. After that, I created another chocolate cake jewellry.
During this activities I watched movies or youtube, what was both funny. I listened to Joey Graceffa's 'Don't Wait', what is seriously one of the greatest songs, I've ever listened to. I think, it is regreted as his coming out, but also without htis knowledge is the song (and the music video) amazing.

After this, I tried to find some not- so- very- scary- horrormovies. As I'm still a beginner in horrorfilms and get scared easily, I wanted to watch some movies, after which I probably could even sleep at night. So I watched 'One Missed Call'. The movie has actually an interesting idea and I like the plots starting, but the 'solution' and the end was really disappointing.
The end was just like 'Oh, the killer will go on killing people. Bye', what leaded to the seccond movie, I guess(which I didn't watch).

Then I started watching 'The Others', but I'm not finished yet. The beginning at least is very interesting. Before lunch, I was forced by my parents to go for a stroll with them and my mother. I like our forest, but I would prefer to go out, when I want to.
However, this was my very last day of fall holidays.

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