~review: Back To The Future

Here it is! My Back To The Future Movie Review!
~Note: I'm going to review all three parts in one
As I told you, I recently watched this movie again becuase of its kind of 'jubilee'.
I watched it the first time with my family and my father somehow managed to put the whole three movies on my computer. Till then, I watched it over and over again.
I really, really , really like this movie.
First of all, time travelling is just a damn interesting idea, that gets presented in diffrent books and movies in a diffrent way. Here we have the Delorian (I seriously don't know, how to spell this word).
It is very interesting to follow th diffrent and sometimes very confusing time connections, that are linked with each other. You always have to 'reset' your brain during the movie to understand the new time and its realytions.
I love the 'times', that are presented there. I'm pretty positive, that I wasn't already born at the movies publication, I grew up in the early 21st century. So, I don't really know, how realistic the times, shown in the movies, actually are, but it's just so fascinating to see the diffrent times there.
The wild west is probably my most disliked time in the movies, what dosn't mean, it's not interesting. It reminds me somehow of typical wild west action movies. What I really like is the music, they're playing at htis kind of 'village celebration'. But I don't really symphazise with this women, Doc fells in love with.
1955 is a very interesting time. I can't really describes, what makes it so interesting but I just like this old- fashioned style. Marty meeting his parents in their youth is also very interesting as well. I really like, how they showed the 1955's society and typical family ('You have two TVs? Wow, you have to be rich!')
1985, Martys real time. I like this year as well as it's for me not the normal lifestyle. I think it would be interesting to watch this movie as somebody, who actually grew up in one of this years and knows, how the world was this days.
Eventually the future. probably the most intesting time mentioned in the movie, as it didn't yet happened, when the movie was published. Now we have 2015 and its astonishing, what the movie's produces imagined the future to be like. Compared to the images shown there, we are just a very poor and immature time. It's also interesting to have a look of what actually came true.
And I really would like to have a hoverboard.
I like the actors of this movie so much. To my mind, Michael J. Fox just fits Marty McFly so perfectly and makes this character very realistic and loveable. Christopher Iloyd is a great actor as well, presenting the typical 'Crazy Professor'. All the actors did very good work at this movie as well as the director.
Okay, now we come to the part of the movie, what is for me a very important criteria to sort out poor movies: realism. Okay, there actually are some very unealistics parts in this movie. For example are Marty or Biff never blamed for destorying cafes/ parks/ houses etc., what is some kind of not so very realistic. Marty talking to himself is an unrealistic point as well, made to help the viewer understand his thoughts. They this typical people- are- very- intelligent and people- are- very- stupid actions as well but I'm okay with them.
So, as I said, I love this movies and would recommend it to anybody, who likes movies in general.
Go watch it!

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