cinema, vegan restaurant and zombie costume

Hey everybody,
yesterday was a rather productive day, seriously. In the morning I made myself jogging, what was really great. After this, I finished birthday card for my friends and I reallly like them:
Aren't they cute? Then I finished my zombie costume. I used lipstick, lip pencil, eye liner and eye pencil to create the pattern at my medical smocks. As it should look like a zombie`s one, I drew some kind of bloody wounds and dirt. After this, I used a scissors and  rasp to make it look a little tattered. Finally, it looked like this:
I think, it`s okay. I went on with some studying. Tody came my firstedition of the 'Educational TIME'. I yet didn`t read a lot, but it sounds interesting. For lunch, I made myself tomato soup and a meat- substitute- ham. As ever, it tasted great! I really love this substitudes, even though I think I drink a chimical coctail by eating them. 
For the 'real' lunch, I ate out with my friend and our mothers at a vegan restaurant. It was very delicous but sometimes too spicy for my tast. We ate a colorful mix of salad, burgers and vegetable balls. The dessert were pancakes with fruits, soo tasty! I once tried vegan pancakes by myself, but they didin't become cooked. Futhermore, I buyed a chocolate cookie, which was also very tasty.
As I mentioned, I went there with my friend. I really like her, but as we are both introverts, conversations are sometimes a bit difficult.
Later, we went to the cinema to watch 'inside out'. 
I really like the movies idea that everyone`s brain includes several parts, which are controlling the behaviour in a diffrent way. But in the end, it turned out as a illogical adventure movie. How could it be possible, that suddenly a part of the long- term memory breakes down? How should a memory suddenly become sad? I really don`t like movies, that have illogical plots. The final message was like 'Even sadness is important' but to my mind, rage and fear are important as well.
However, it was funny.
When we were home, it was already very late, so I didn`t do more than brush my teeth and change my clothes before going to bed. It somehow disturbed my evening routine.
However, it was a nice day
See you tomorrow

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