Let`s refresh this blog!

Hey guys,
uhm, this is kind of a restart for my blog, where I posted the last time about a half year ago. I recently thought about my desire for a blog and I decided to just "refresh" this old one. I really don`t want to spend much time indrouducing myself but just start blogging!
I still don`t really know, what this blog will be specifically about, I think I`ll just start blogging about my life and what`s going on here.
Although a planned a bunch of stuff getting done yesterday, I just took a "day- off". I mean, I wasn`t completely unproductive but I just did things, that are fun. I prepared stuff for my friend`s birthday parties while watching youtube videos all day. I seriously did not study one minute.
As one of my friends is making a kind of "halloween" party, I started the day sewing my zombie costume. originally, I wanted to sew a long white shirt like this;
But as I´m still far away from a sewing pro, it turned out to look this way:
As I sewed the front a way to small, I`m not able to button it up, but it`s now a kind of white jacket. My friend sayed, it looks like medical smocks. However, I cleaned it and today I aim to put the fake blood on it. We`ll see.
After that I decided to start making some cute, small gifts for my friend. I used Fimo to create little things according to their birthday party`s "topic".
For my friend, for whose birthday I created the shirt, I made those Fimo gifts:
I wanted to make something scary but somehow in a cute way. As she`s a bit like me, she also likes kawaii and cute stuff. It turned out, that the gifts are entirely cute and not scary at all. The skull is from The Nightmare Before Christmas, what my friend really likes.
As ever, the white Fimo somehow turned light pink because I baked it too hard.
My other friend`s planning to make a "detective" birthday party, what lead me to create some "crime" items for her:
The pistol really got shallower than I`ve planned it but you can still understand, what it is, so I guess it is okay. The other thing is a hard- visible magnifying glass.
After that i tried some zombie make up, but in the end I just had a red- brown face, which looked barely like a zombie. I will have to think about this late.
As I sayed, I wantched the whole day youtube videos, what was very funny but kind of pointless.
However, have a nice day, see you hopefully tomorrow ! 

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