I woke up lately..

Hey guys,
Yesterday I woke up at about 9 o`clock what it really late by my stadards. Whenever I wake up this late I feel like the day is already gone. After I spended 3 hours of prouductive acitivities, I felt like it was 9 even though it was already 12 o'clock this time. However, so I skipt the majority of my mourning routine and got to work. I did several stuff of studying.
Later in the day I went to the stationary store and buyed those:
 I cut them in half and had light pink A8 flashcards. While studying vocablurary, I wondered, whether this kind of studying really makes sense. I really went on with this technique for a long time  and it was working very well.
The problem is, that I learn the ideas seperately. I miss the connections between facts. This was, why I introuduced mind maps to my studying. They can be relly helpful for understanding the connenctions between things. I think, with them, I can study faster.
I made several mind maps for my diffrent subjects but I'm still struggling with English. I mean, it's possible to remember history events, grammar and text outlines by this. But I still don't get, how I should visualize vocablurary with mind maps. So I used flashcards, wondering whether this is useful.
In order to improve my studying skills (and because I had time) I did a little research and read (roughly) '10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)' by thecollegeinfogeek. There were some very helpful tips, I want to tranlate into action.
I started with introuducing a color coding system for my pens. It looks this way:
I didn't tried out this system yet completly but it's already working partly.
Then I still was kind of bored and start drewing while watching youtube videos. I really shoul'nt be suprised that I get paranoid when I wantch all this creepypasta story.
Well then, have a nice day

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