~review: "Unfriended"

Hey guys,
I recently wantched the movie 'Unfriended', which was really popularamong last year.
In the movie, there are like a few friends of a girl, who commited suicide after being bullyed online because of an embarassing video. It's teh day of the anniversary of her death, when theiy are skyping and akward things start to happen. The whole movie's perspective is Blaire's(the protagonist) computer screen, what is really tricky I think.
It is mainly a horror movie and as I am far from a horror movie pro, I got like freaked out the first time I watched it. That the perspective is only this one girl's screen 'restricts' the scary scenes a bit, but in my opinion it's still really creepy. The first night after watching this, I seriously problems with sleeping. Even though it could barely happen in my apparent world, I just could'nt stop thinking about the movie.
As it's a horror movie, in the end they all died. It was really sad in my opinion and a each time I see this movie I am literarry crying. I saw a few other reviews, saying that the characters are not likeable. I don't agree to this at all. I don't know, whether I can identify quickly with characters, but I kind of felt in love with those. The reason, I think about this movie so much is becaus literally everybody dies and I can't stop fantazing about whether they could be saved somehow. I really would have liked it more, when at least a part of the guys would have survived.

However, I really like this movie and would recommend it to everybody, who likes horror/ tension/ teen movies. Have a look at it :)
Well then, see you 

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