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Hey, guys!
As I was browsing through my blog posts, I realized, that it's pointless to just keep an online diary here. Unless something interesting happened this day, it makes no sense to write day after day: 'I was in school, it was was so and so and then I studied and this was so and so...' It's boring and meningless. So, obviously I'm going to keep writing important, funny or interesting things, that happened to me but I'm not going to copy every day here. Instead of, I'm planning to write posts about several topics. My hought abouthappenings, my opinion, explainations, maybe tutorials as well. So, the cathegories, I'm planning to write about are:

  • veganism
  • Japan & Japanese pop culture
  • studying & school
  • Fimo
  • sewing
  • painting
  • youtube
Maybe, this list is going to expand, maybe it'll decrease. But tentatively I'm going to orientate myself to this topics.
So, this was just an info- post, the real post follows in minutes~
By then

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