10 ideas for cute but easy christmas gifts

As I got asked, what I want for christmas besides a bunch of books(that are too expensive for my brither to purchase as a present) I wondered about this question a while.
I made up some ideas, I want to share with you guys. Here we have 10 little goods, that are (in my opinion) really cute, but not too expensive or to hard to purchase(not internet- shopping stuff).

The difficult thing about giving clothes is that there is a hight risk of them not to fite the size or the fashion taste.


Giving 'smaller' clothes, that don't necessarily have a seize, is a better idea, I think.
Socks or caps, for example, fit almost everyone and can, when they're monochrome, barely fail the fashion taste. Plus, they're both very warm and convenient for the winter. I think, that thick socks and caps are very cute.

I personally need tights very often. Not just to wear them unter a skirt but also under thin trouseres to keep the legs warm. As 80% of tights are black or grey, there isn't much to do wrong as well.


I love drinking with straws. Even if it hasn't a particular use, it's just fun to use them, especally when they're so colorful.

Another good idea are ribbons. They are a kind of accessoires, but not so specalized, that they wouldn't fit. Some monochrome ribbons are cheap and can be unified with almost every fashion type.


Post- its are cute and actually useful for organizing and studying. In our local stationery shop, a buch of diffrent Post- its can be purchased. The cuter, the better!


Sticky notes are kind of the same like Post- its, but I want to mention them, because they can be cute without a certain motiv as well. Pastel colored sticky notes are cute as well, I think.

Another idea, that is less cute and more nerdy it giving a manga magazine. here we have to rather popular manga magazines, that deal with Japan and Japanese fashion as well.

If you don't want to give your friend a certain product, give him/ her the ability to create something him-/ herself. A good idea is giving colored handicraft paper, with which a lot of creative stuff can be made.


Finally, another cute idea is a light- colored pillowcase. It can be very fluffy and cute and useful. It's important to keep care on the pillow size.
I hope, you got some ideas and inspirations and enjoyed reading this :)

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