5 DIY gift ideas for christmas

Hey guys, as I'm preparing gifts for christmas I personally prefer creating presents myself rather than just buying them for friends. Obviously, I often buy gifts as well but I usally add at least one little self- made present. What I like about creatig goods yourself is, that you can make them individually fitting for the person, you want to give them to. You can make a presents just as you think, the other person might like it the best, what is really personal in my opinion. Furthermore, one can be creative and it's fun.
Here we go with 5 DIY presents, I did myslef at least once.

Baking a cake may seem very basic but I'm not talking about a simple choclate or vanilla cake. I oftenn baked my friends muffins, that I used to create individually. For example, I once made cookie monster cupcakes for one of my friends or hamburger muffins for another. A lot of effort has to be put in this creations, but it's so much fun and the wow- effect is guaranteed.

When you've read my blog for a while, you've noticed some fimo goods, I created recently. This tiny things are also a cute and individual way for creating presents. As my friend mada a halloeween- inspirated party, I made her some little halloween characters. As this little goods may be adorable but useless, one can use wire to create a little loop to make it a chain pendant.

A gift, I'm currently working at, is a calender. I bought a reagular, basic calender for one of my frineds (who has no calender for 2016 yet) and I'm 'designing' it currently. That means, I write something down, draw some art, add washi tape for organization and stickers and stampt for the cuteness. A basic calender can be turned into something very indidvidual and interesting, that provides a weekly surprise.

About one year ago I created this kind of gift for my friends twice. It's a huge, huge effort but in my opinion it's worth it. Creating a so- called scrapbook means handicraft a photo album completely youtself with a lot of cardbord, glue and pacience. I really loved making every singe page individual and personal and pretty. it is just a great way of presenting photos and showing memories, although it costs a lot of time and money.

A picture may not be something very useful, but it's a great good to add to a 'normal' present. As I like manga, I use to draw my friends some cute cards with a manga character drawn on it. Throughout this, it's easy to make the gift fitting the friend's taste and hobby or the party's theme. This doen't consume so much effort and can be given to almost everyone.

So, that was my ideas! I really hope, you could get some inspiration and enjoyed reading this post.
Have a nice day!

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