good friends, interesting books and weird thoughts

This week (even though it's not over yet) was pretty interesting.
At our school, therewas the oportunity to experience university for one week. I, however, didn't sign in this programm, but actually a lot of my friends did. So, a lot of classes are very small and I have to tell my friends the homework every day, what is kinda annoying. I wonder whether I'd like it to go to a university now as well. I already decided, that I want to study at a certain university, so I wouldn't look out, whether this college, they're no visiting, is appropriate. But experiencing university life so early  would be a nice experience to my mind. On the other hand, it would take a lot of effort and time to catch up this week's school stuff. The first tests are next week,
Paying attention to the closer coming tests, I developt some changes in my study sytem. Each three weeks before the exam, at the exam's weekday, I practice a pre- exam. So I create a task sheet for myself, solve it in the time, we are going to get in the test and check my mistakes afterwards. As it'S easier to identify your most common mistakes this way, I think, this study method is very useful.
As you know, I'm watching a lot of youtube. And a few days ago, I started a very interesting discussion with an staunch omnivore. His/Her argument is that 'killing is a part of the life circle', what I never heard befor. It's a very strange, but interesting perspective. What I like about myself is, that I don't stick necessarily to my opinion. If there's an arguments against it, I would think of it and try to understand it's point of view. I often wonder, whether this, what I'm doing is quite right but till now, I still regret my way of life as a very peaceful and justice one.
Yesterday was a busy day, what led to me not finishing all my asingments, but I like it. Speaking of school, however, it was a bad day. In mathematics I could only participate  very few times and in english I barely participated at all. I don't know, why I'm doing so. I don't use to have any problems with raising my hand and saying something smart, but I just felt kinda overpowerd by my classmates. After this, there were strange thoughts in my head. When I'm failing at school I sometimes think: 'You are so stupid'. But this times, I thought: 'I hate you'. This thought kept repeating in my head after school and I could barely concentrate. I tried to tell myself that, logically seen, one failed lesson would not ruin all of my marks, but the mind isn't rational in times of fear and confusion.
After a while, however, this thought disappeared. It was really weird.
I went to the library and borowwed some seemingly interestig books, among them 'The hate list' by Jennifer Brown, what I already started reading. It's very interesting.
When I drove home, I met a good friend of mine (currently at university as well) and we walked home together, talking interestingly. I think, she is my closest friend and we are very similar. She asked me, whether we should  do something together this weekend, what a I approved of. I don't use to plan events with friends by myself at all, but I really welcome the opportunity of having a great time with my friend (although we still don't really know, what we want to do)
Apart from this, nothing interesting happened.
It was good to just write down everything.

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