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Hey, guys!
This post is gonna be  both a tip and a daily post about my life. So, I think, I'm studying a lot. Even though I obviously do other things as well, the majority of my wake time is filled with studying. As I don't have so much time to participate in other activities, I've been asked by both my friends and family. why I study so much.
The answer is my goal. There is this university, I really want to study at. It's in a town, more beautiful than any other place, I've visited so far. It's a really great and good university, but it's difficult, too. Therefor, my final school grades have to be very good to enable me the acess to this university. This is my aim so far.
As a lot of peole, I know have aims and goal, they want to achieve badly, there are also people, who don't stay focused on their goals. They have a high goal and the will to acieve it, but they don't keep on track, so they fail sooner or later.
I don't want to say that I'm perfect or everytime on my goal completely, but I think, I manage to stay focused about the most time. In doing so, I use a method, I adopted from collegeinfogeek as well. It is basically about naming a few goals, you only focus on. That meand, apart from this goal, any activity(that is distracting you from the goal) has to be avoided. I made a small list for myself, what is sticked to my loadspeaker, so that I can see and remember it anytime, I am in my room. The list consists of

  • Studying
  • Learning Japanese
  • Blogging
  • Working on my comic
So, I avoid anything else but this four main goals, As I wrote down the aims in descending scale according to their importance, I focus on the first one the most. 
This list helpt me very often to stay focused and do the things, I have to
I hope, this was a little helpful and you got an idea of how this method works
By for now :)

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