Hey, everyone!
I think I kinda 'planned' my life already a year ago roughly, but today, I wat to take the next step in organizing my goal.
This way of planning was inspirated by collegeinfogeek, a youtubre making videos about college and studying, whose blog I use to read as well. At this blog, he introuduced his own so- called 'Impossible List', containing all of the goals, aims and dreams, he wants to achieve in his life. When I first read his list,

I was like 'he's insane!' Then I realized two facts. The life is long and the world is big. There are actually a bunch of opportunities for doing the stuff you like in your life.So, I decided to start this kind of list as well. In contrast to his list, mine is (still) not so comprehensive and organized througout a variety of cathegories. I' ll just start it now and I'm very positive, I will continue increasing and re- creating this list, as my life is not over yet.
Here we go:
(a lot of my inspiraton came from collegeinfogeek and Joel Runyon)

*Learn diving (real diving in the ocean)
                       *Do cavern diving
*Run Tough Mudder
*Run Zombie Run
*Run Obstacle Run/ Spartan Race
*Complete a GoRuck challenge
*Climb a mountain
*Bungee Jump
*Do Ice Climbing
*Learn Paragliding
*Go Zorbing
*Bath in mudder/ tidal flats [31.07.2016]
*Have a mudbath [25.07.2016]
*Swim in the Dead Sea
*Ride in a hot air baloon
*Learn meditation
*Build a sand/ mud castle

*Achieve a GPA high enough for my favorite university
*Study psychology and graduate
*Be financially independent
                *be a self- employeed person and make money out of it
*Get blog followers
                *Have blog followers from at least 20 countries
*Get 10,000 blog views, all the time
*Get 100 blog views, daily for at least one month straight
*Get 10 likes for a blog post
*Create a website
*Give a Ted Talk
*Invest in the stock market

*Speak Japanese fluently (regarded as achieved when passing the JLPT N1 test with at least 80%)
*Brazilian Portuguese
*Braille (letters for the blind)

*Learn the e- guitar
*Become a ambidextrous person (learn writing with both hands)

*Draw my family tree (at least 3 generations back)
*Sell on a flea market
*Do body painting
*Organize an amazing party
*Live in the night for one week
*Say yes or no to anything for one day
*Change my sleep schedule
                                  *Figure out, how much sleep I need
                                  *Adapt Everyman sleep cycle
                                  *Adapt Uberman sleep cycle
*Prank somebody
*Dumpster dive

*Move to this city, I love
*Travel to
                   *all 7 continents (Asia [03-07 2015], North America, South America,Africa, Europe, Antarctica, Australia)
*Visit all 4 islands of Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku) [03-07 2015]
*Visit all prefectures of Japan (3/47) [03-07 2015]
*Visit Kappabashi Dougu street (Japan)
*Visit Berlin  [01.2015, 12.2015]
*Visit Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima and Osaka (Japan)
*Visist all stated of the US
*Visist Hawaii
*Sad places
                   *Great Pacific garbage patch
                   *a garbage- soaked beach
                   *Brazilian slums
                   *Holocaust museeums
*Go swimming in every ocean (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic)
*Visit 2 largest rivers (Nile, Amazonas)
*Do hitchhiking
*Bike from one country to another
*Go on a pilgrimage (maybe in Portugal)
*Own a multiple citizenship
*Walk through
                        *a maure
                        *tidal flats (to another island)
                        *the desert
                        *the rain forest
*Visit amazing places
                       *Niagara falls
                       *Rivers' mountain
                       *Isla de las munercas
                       *Egypt's pyramids
                       *Anne- Frank museum (Netherlands)
                       *concentration camp Auschwitz
                       *the carrabean
                       *Australian outback
                       *great barrier Reef
                       *Lima, Peru
                       *SΓ£o TomΓ© das Letras, Brazil
*Sleep under the stars
*Survive in the wild for 3 days
*Go somewhere without knowing where
*Follow the paths of characters of Dark Inside (America/ Canada)
*Throw a dart at the map and travel to whereever it lands
*See a solar eclipse
*Go on a cruise
*Shower in a waterfall
*Sleep on a trampoline
*Play music on the street
*Do couchsurfing
*Travel using Warm Showers

*Make a (seriously scary) horror movie
*Publish a book
                       *an illustrated one
*Sew a serious cosplay
*Sew enough to have a completely self. made rock chic outfit
*Sew a lolita outfit
*Build a tree house
*Sew and build my own furniture
*Write a song

            *Connor Franta
            *Kitty Kat
            *Jeyn Roberts

*Rock am Ring [06.2016]
*Leipziger Buchmesse
*Brazilian Carnival
*Japan's New Year's celebration
                *Bullet for my Valintine [06.2016]
                *Thousand Foot Krutch
                *Shinedown [06.2016]
                *Four minutes, thirty- three seconds (4'33'')
                *Organ2/ ASAP
*Christopher Street Day [23.07.2016]
*Black Lives Matter protest
*Be part of a flash mob
*Paint fight
*Be in a constituency invited by a government delegate

*Count my belongings [07.2016]
*Own less than 500 personal things
*Create a 'Getaway Backpack'
*Live one week without power
*Live one month without internet
*Go zero waste
                         *one item of trash per week
                         *one item of trash per month
*Live from solar power and other renewable energies

Nutrition/ Health
*Go vegan [08.2015]
*Try out Raw Vegan for a month
*Stop eating processed food
*Reduce my sugar intake
*Make my own good, chocolate
*Make my own good, easy  to make cookies
*Plant food (enough for one meal)
       *Dragon Fruit
       *Coconut (a real one, not processed)
       *Buddha's Hand
        *For 1 day

*Maintain my morning routine for 100 days in a row
*Maintain my night routine for 100 days in a row
*Stop cracking my fingers

This is my list for now, still very short as you can see, but it will definitely increase!

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