The most common arguments against veganism, I've heard so far

As I'm vegan, it's kind of natural, that I'd get into agruments with some self- confident meat- eaters. Thogh a lot of meat- eaters are interested in veganism and talk about it openly, there is still a huge amount of people, that are certain, that it's wrong, what I'm doing.
And so we have discussions. But I like discussions :)
However (weird introuduction); here are the most common arguments against my way of nourishment, I've heard so far (I've been in two real arguments and a few small discussions with meat- eaters so far)
  • It's natural to eat meat; even the Stone Age man ate meat!
  • I know, it's not good, how animals are treated; you could eat organic meat!
  • There is no straigth diffrents between animals and plants; what's the coral?
  • It's unhealthy; the body needs meat!
  • Our would is alraedy broken?
  • But cows have to be milked!
  • Lions are eating meat as well and nobody judges them!
  • I know, you want to do something for the animals; why don't you just eat less meat?
  • It can't be healthy, when you have to take vitamin pills!
  • But some of your lipsticks definitely got tested on animals!
  • It must be soo hard to be vegan!
  • Humand are naturally omnivores!
  • The are organic- meat farms! Why don't you eat this meat ?
  • Plants have feelings as well; you can't kill plants!
  • Meat is made for the human as well as plants are!
  • Did you ever stepped on an insect ? You've killed an animal!
  • But you can't save the whole world!
And the very best one (By my father)

  • So, if a bit of the cow's milk is left, why shouldn't we drink it?

So, I'm planning to pick some of the most common or the 'strongest' or funniest arguments on this list and make an extra post discussing it.

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