things, I love about Japan

So, I love Japan.
And after travelling there, I love it even more. Here are 10 things/reasons, why I love this Asian country so much.

  • Everybody knows the nerdstuff.
So, I know, that a lot of people don't appreciate persons like me, who like Japanese pop culture. I just want to say, that for me, Japan isn't all about manga and anime but this pop culture was actually the reason, I got interested in this country.
In Japan, I never met a person, who didn't know, what anime/manga/cosplay is. Everybody knows the most popular series and comics and a lot of people are huge fans. Some people even did cosplay. 
So, there is everybody something to talk about.
  • Extremly tasty food, also for vegans
Even though I wasn't yet vegan when I came to Japan, I recognized soon, that there is a lot of delicious food, that isn't made of animal products. Japanese people eat a lot of super tasty rice and vegetables and soups... I love it. Obiously, the non- vegan food is also extremly tasty as well. Maybe, the Japanese people just put more effort in their meals. Here, I used to eat "easy" food like noodles or potatoes very often, but in Japan, every meal consist of four dishes at last. One meal includes such a great variety of tasty foods... it's wonderful. I got to like raw flesh as well...
So, except from one weird, bitter vegetable, I loved everything, I ate there!
  • Everything is cute
I love cute stuff. And Japan is the heaven for cute stuff.
First of all, there are a bunch of brands, that just produce cute things. They're like Hello Kitty but even more adorable. I really love rilakkuma, a brand with a cute, lazy bear and little twin stars, two adorable angel twins. 
According to this, everything else is cute as well. There is an adorable mascot for almost everything. The people and the styles are cute as well. The stores are cute and the sweets are cute and the clothes are cute... I love it <3
  • Nobody complains about a person liking a certain stuff
When an grown- up person likes Hello Kitty, no one cares. When a primary school kid listens to hard rock, nobody complaines. Speaking about personal interests and hoobis, Japanese people are just extremely chilled. There are a lot of clothes and styles, that would be regarded to be weird here, are perfectly normal in Japan. So, to my mind it's a lot easier in Japan to live one's interestes without being looked at strangely
  • School activities and clubs
The school in Japan is just so diffrent. It's astonishing, what a huge variety of clubes one can join over there. There are really clubs for anybody's interest. You can join sport clubs or culture clubs or creative clubs, it's amazing. And everybody put a lot of effort in one's club and really participates for it's growing and developtment. 
Furthermore, there are extremly funny school celebrations, like the school festival and the sports festival. There are a lot of other gatherings for all students, for example the club's introuduction or the sports test or information about the university.
Because there is so much stuff, the school does together there is a great "school spirit", how I like to call it. The people have a spirit for their classes and clubs as well. It are just groups, where anybody sticks together.
So, therefore, almost everybody likes school and likes going to school.
  • 7 Elevens
7 Elevens are widespread stores in Japan, that you can find almost everywhere. You can withdraw money or copy there and there is a lot of purchasable tasty food as well. 
It's just convenient
  • Nice, honest and polite people
Japanese people are wonderful. When you are in trouble, there is almost any time somebody there to help you. They try to help foreign people as well, even when they don't speak English or Japanese. When you ask a question, everybody will try their best to help you, even when they don't make any money or other advantage out of it. Even, when people are behaving rude and unfriendly, the most Japanese people would still accept it.
The majority of Japanese people are honest as well. As everybody is helping each other, there is no need for lying or betraying. Although this aren't all Japanese, the most are really honest and sincerely
  • School uniforms
School uniforms are a really good thing. As everybody wears the same clothes, it support the school unitiy and community feeling. Nobody gets excluded (another advantage of Japanese schools as well) and everyone has the same opportunities. 
Although it'll be hard to find a school uniforms as they are shown in animes, the most school uniforms are really pretty and cute. It's kinda fun to wear it.
  • The sea
So, as you know, Japan is a big island what means, that there are a lot of opportunities to see the sea. Here, I use to travel to the sea once a year but in Japan I could see the water almost every two weeks. The beaches, I've been travelling to weren't dirty and crowded with bunch of tourists, but wide and light and beautiful. I really appreciated the experience of travelling to this beautiful beach and watch the high waves.
  • Temples
So, next to the modern pop culture, Japanese traditional and religious culture is extremely interesting and fascinating as well. I visited temples, shrines and temple gates very often and it was really interesting to listen to the stories and the history a bout this buildings, their structure, residents and history. The most temples were extremely beautiful as well. Ringing the temple bell or buying a oracle snippet is fun as well.

So, this was it. As you can see, I really like and appreciate this country and I probably could name 100 other things that I love about Japan but for now, I want to quit this. Maybe, further lists will follow.

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