What the Stone Age men did..

Yesterday, I posted a list of the most common arguments against veganism, I've heard so far. Now, I'd like to start telling my opinion about'em. 
Let's begin with an argument, I hear probably the oftenest:

It's natural to eat meat; even the Stone Age man ate meat!

So, the people saying this are arguing, that as humans ate flesh ever since, it must be natural and congenital for the human race to consume meat. 
First of all, can somebody explain to me, why something is right, just because it has a long tradition. In arguing so, By arguing so, I could say 'It's natural to rape women; even the Stone Age Men raped women!' or 'It's natural to sleep outside and die because of pneumonia; even the Stone Age Men did so!' as well. The Stone Age men did a bunch of other unhealthy, unhumand and terrible deeds, that are fortunately forbidden today. But this people pick out one single deed, claim it to be right and logic and don't mention the other Stone Age stuff. 
So, if people think it's healthier to live traditional, I'm okay with it. Then go in the nearest forest with nothing and live there your traditional, right live. Then you may see, how beautiful the Stone Age men lived.
Secondly, the people in the Stone Age ate meat, because they did't had a choice. They ate meat to survive, to don't starve and to nourish their children. They ate, what they found, whether it were blackberries or a mammoth. 
In contrast to this, nowdays, we don't need to hunt to survive. The most countries are highly developt industrail nations, where anybody can consume a huge variety of food for a affordable price. We have the choice. Why do do much people stick to this outdated traditions?
Why do people stick to this only one Stone Age men's property? 
 Only because something was done for a long period of time, it isn't more right or wrong. I think, consuming animal products is just a human tradition as well.
So, according to this illogics, this argument is both pointless and stupid.
NOTE: I didn't want to offend anybody, this is just my personal, subjective opinion about it. Everybody should do, waht he thinks to be right.

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