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Hello everybody!
recently, I've been listening to a lot of music regulary. I mean, I obviously listen to music almost everyday but what I wanted to say, was that I listened to the music of only two music groups in the last time. The first one is the Rockband Sixx:A.M., consisting of three band members, founded by bass player Nikki Sixx. I came across this band the very first time wheLife Is Beautiful' by the band. This is their most popular song of all time (as far as I know) So, I downloaded the song and it became one of my most favorite songs of all time, the title, that is a lyric's line became part of my philosophy. I remember once listening to another song by Sixx:A.M. but didn't liking it. So, I regarded the band of one of those one- great- song. but- nothing- else- music groups. Then, a few years later (as I cleaned up my music gathering) I looked for the band's other songs and dowloaded a bunch of them (that I didn't listen to more often than one time). The songs were sleeping at my computer's harddrive for another year. Then, a few weeks ago, as I scrolled bored through my song list, I saw another song of them and listened. I refound the songs for me within minutes. They're all great.
n I saw a One Piece AMV (Anime Music Video) with the song '
So now, I'm listening to this songs about daily.
As I like rock music, I like the song's style. I can't tell, which specific rock genre the band could be matched with, because I'm according to music genres a noob. I would have assigned their songs to Soft Rock, wikipedia says Hard Rock but however. It sounds great, so I like it.
The point, that distinguishes this band from the other one, whose songs I like, too, is that the songs by Sixx:A.M. have a meaning, a point, a claim. I mean, any song has a message somehow but often the songs sound great, but the meaning isn't very intelligent (If that can be said this way). The songs of Sixx:A.M. actually do have a meaning, what could be affiliated with their partly not- so- great- past, especally the bassist's drug addiction story.  As I already mentioned, I like the (obvious) message of 'Life Is Beautiful'. Another song, I appreciate very much is 'Skin', talking about the diffrence of outward appearance and a person's real character. When I listened to this the first time, I actually cried. Another touching song is 'Accidents Can Happen', that encouraged me to don't regard one mistake as the end of the world. 'Girl With Golden Eyes' is a song especally dealing with the former drug addiction of bassist Nikki Sixx. Althoughmy experiences with drugs are like zero, I love the song.
As I'm far from an expert in rock music, I don't no anything to say about the music 'style' or the instrumental 'style'. I just like it.
This was my message for today, I'll see you tomorrow

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