Being introverted

Hey, guys!
I'm an introvert. Bye.
Just kidding.
So being introverted mustn't be confused with being shy. A shy person may be silent and quiet sometimes, but he/ she knows, when he/ she has to unwind. A introverted person, however will not just be open and cheey sponaniously.
Some people may not believe, that I'm introvertive as I often write, that I'm a very cheery and laughy person. This characteristics are shown when I'm among friends or people I know closely and like very much. But when I'm among peole I don't know that well, I use to be very quiet and say nothing. I often prefer listening to somebody else's interesting story than telling about myself. So, there are sometimes people wondering, whether I'm not fine.
Furthermore, I don't make friends that fastly extroverts do. So, when I'm pushed in a new situatiion, where I 'require' friends, I will somehow manage to talk to some people. But when it's not necessarily important, I will just sit there ans listen or do something on my own.
Being alone is another aspect of being introvertive. I like to be alone and I'm often alone, what somehow gives me power for situaton, where I'm not alone. This doen't mean, that I don't like humans, I just prefer rare contact. This, however, can be a positive point as well. I often do activities alone ans enjoy them and I often get asked, whether it isn't boring to have fun alone.
For me, being alone means being free and I didn't find the human, who doesn't annoy me after some time yet. When I do something with other people together, I'm restricted and limited automatically, what can be very annoying. I really like my friends, but I could barely spend more than a few days with them completely without becoming very bugged.
I don't know, whether it's a part of being introverted, but I think and dream a lot. Then, I'm staring in the air ,with my eyes glazed over, and I'm in a completely diffrent world questioning and imaging weird things.
Being among people is like spending energy and this energy will 'recharge' when I'm alone. So, I don't want to wast this energy wastefully but spend it with people, I like.
That's just my feelings
Bye for now :)

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