berin travel report #2

Hey guys !
So, as I was to Berlin last weekend, I experienced quite a lo tof things, I want to tell you about. This is the seccond part of my travel report, further parts are following.

After I've checked in( my luggage somehow had to be double- controlled, but it was ok) , I could finaly go into the flight waiting area where I strolled through the shops. Airport shops have this kind of interesting mixture of product, I' ve never seen before at any other places. I, however, didn't buy anything. While waiting, I read a bit in my book ('Christiane F.') and used the airport- WLAN for contacting my family. Finally, my flight was called and I could enter the plane.
Fortunately, the sun was rising during the flight, what makes the pictures, I took out of the window, very beautiful.
I arrived. It was as I would be flashbacking this year's beginning journey to Berlin, because (obviously) the airport and it's surroundings looked exactly as I remembered it. But as I was a little more experienced this time, I kinda knew where to go to find the next bus station.
I bought a one- day- ticket (so convenient!) and got into a bus, that would drive to Berlin middle (Alexanderplatz). But during the bus drive, I looked out of the window and suddenly made out the Berlin Hard Rock Cafe. I left the next station but had somehow problems, to find the cafe. My sense of direction. So, I strolled through the area, where I saw the KaDeWe, this enourmous luxury mall. I went in but it's products obviously consistet of for me unaffordable consumption goods, that aren't necessarily needed. It was, however, interestiong.
After I've went around in a circuit several times, I finally found the HardRock Cafe, but after entering I slightly disappointed. I'm not a music genre expert, but to my mind the music there was far from hard rock. Fascinationg was the decoration and the bag search. I had a look at the merch shoop, but I was eventually too stingy to buy a T- Shirt.
After that, I somehow walked around diractionless, what drove my mind crazy. SO I decided to make a plan, what I'll do. First of all, I went to my youth hostel to check in, what eventually turned out to be a mistake, as I could refer my room not after 2 pm. (it was by 11 am this time).
Then I went to the infamous station zoo,

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