berlin travel report #1

Hey guys!
So as I was to Berlin last weekend, I experienced quite a lot of things, I want to tell you about.
So , this is the first part of my 'travel report', the next parts are following.

The time, I stood up, would be usually regarded to be quite early but it wasn't that uncommon fo rmy standarts. After I've packed the very last stuff, I drove to the station with my mother. Originally, she wanted to bring me as far as possible (to the airport), because she's worrying about my security a lot, but eventually she just drove me to the station and waited with me at the gate, till my train came.
I took a book with me, I already had started when I drove to Berlin. It's the book: 'Christiane F: Autobiography of a Girl of the Streets and Heroin Addict', what is one of my favorite book. I don't want to talk too long about this (bacause I'm planning on making an extra post about it), but I can say; It's a great book, I love it, the reading experience is amazing and as it tooks (most of the time) place in Berlin, I took it with me to read it in 'the right mood'.
In the train, however I was extremely (negative) excited and nervous and could hardly concentrate. This was beacause of the test. As I traveled to Berlin in order to take the JLPT Japanese test, I could barely think of something else but the test. I would've appreciate the test to be on Saturday. Then, I would have a nervous Saturday morning (that I'd spend anyway half of the time in a plane) but a relaxed Saturday night and Sunday. The test was, however, on Sunday, what made me extremely nervous.
So, I sat in the train, trying to concentrate on this book and staring out of the window. Then, I finally arrived.
Oh, I really like airports. As I love travelling, stations and airports trigger this kind of 'travel mood' in me, what's a reallly great feeling.
The following events, on the other hand, didn't help much to push that good feeling. First of all, I somehow didn't find my luggage inspection gate directly, so I asked a airport's guys, who explained it to me. It was just right next to me, what I felt very stupid about.
I then, however, went in but at the luggage inspection, I realized, that I still had a bottle full of water in my backpack. As I wanted to keep the bottle, I went out to throw the water in the toilet. When I got out of the luggage inspection area, I wanted to take the entry, I went in through, but the guy sitting there said 'stop' in a kind of agressive way. I had to take another exit. So, I evecuated my bottle and wanted to come back, but obviously, I already checked my ticket, what was why I couldn't enter 'normally' anymore.
The guy sitting there: You can't go through this.
Me: Yes I already went in once before...
Him: Now it's the seccond time, so the computer won't let you in.
Me: Yes I know and...
Him: So you won't come in through this gate.
Me: Ok. (...)
        And how can I come in now?
Him: How you got out.
So, I had to got my ticket checked diffrently and felt stupid again.

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