berlin travel report #3

Hey guys!
As I was to Berlin last weekend, there're a lot of things, I experienced, I want to tell you about. Here is the third part of my travel report, further parts are following. 

So, I went to station zoo. It was a really important thing for me to do, because I really feel like I ought to experienced the setting of Christiane F. breathe the atmosphere, live the book. Ok, I don't mean it literal. I didn't do drugs or so but I went to station zoo, the place, what the german original book is called after. It's one of the four main settings in the story. Obviously, the ststion isn't like back then. It isn't full of H addicts and outside are no dealers. It basically just looks like a regular train station with some more homeless people (who I wouldn't necessarily suspict to be drug addicts). But as I saw the scenes in the movie and imagined them in the book, it's wasn't hard to conceive this scenes.
It was quite important for me.
I then, however dwadled along the Kurfürsten street, the long shopping promenade, but as I'm not so very attracted by shopping, I didn't spend so much time doing it.
Well, I didn't plan to spend so much time. So after I was in this luxury/ ghetto part of the town, I wanted to go back to Berlin middle to visit some places there. As it later turned out, there are busses driving between the two sistricts. I just somehow didn't manage to find'em. I seriously spend over an searching for the right bus station, going around in a circuit, panicing about the time and still didn't finding anything. It was kinda horrific. As I then just embarked on a bus, than drove roughly in the right direction, I missed the last station and went off at the parking place for busses, where the bus driver explained to me (not very friendly) that passengers aren't supposed to go off the bus here. As if I wouln't know that.
At this time I felt extremely shitty. I didn't come one meter nearer to my aim place, I felt like I'm stuck in this area forever and I just wanted to go out of there desperately. Almost crying I packed out my map again, trying to fix out a way, I can walk. I was at station zoo again.
As I walked by, all of a sudden I saw a bus, standing there, just ready to leave. It was driving the Alexander place, what is a place in the middle of Berlin. Relieved, I ran to the bus, got in and flopped myself at a seat. I finally found the way. Full of bliss, I droved to the place, I wanted to.
I planned to go out at Alecander place, where I wanted to start visiting the places.
Then all of sudden, I saw a the shop, from which I knew, it was right next to the university. This university, I'm going to take the test. This university, I love and praise and want to study at.
I seriously started producing cold sweat and trembling. I was so exited and got off the very next station.

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