berlin travel report #5

Hey guys!
So as I was to Berlin a while age, there are a lot of things, I experienced and I now want to tell you about. This is the fifth part of my travel report, further parts are following.

So, after I left the restaurant, I took the next bus to Paris place.  Thid place was probably the place filled with the most tourists, especally at the Brandenburg gate. So, I just strolled around and
lookedat this ancient, auperb buildings with a history longer than my life. After than, I walked along the riverside, where a lot of buildings are standing as well. This houses, on the other hand, are looking so modern and luxurious. It was a great view.
At it was already getting slightly dark, I decided to drive back to the youth hostel, at least to check in my room. But before, I made a little sidetrip to the big Unter den Linden street, that was still full of people. I (obviously) had a look at the university again. Then, I went back to my youth hostel.
It wasn't so great there. As soon as I was in, I wanted to go out again immediatelyI sorted my stuff, made my bed and charged my phone (while watching low- quality Dan and Phil videos) but I somehow started to feel extremely claustrophobic and somehow alone as well. I don't know, whether this was the awareness, that my first day in the great city Berlin is already ended and I'm going to have this test tomorrow or maybe just a feeling of sadness for the day, that didn't really work out as I'd expected it to and wasn't like the last time. This is something,I thought about a lot and it drove me crazy. The last time when I went to Berlin (just for fun), I had the feeling that everything was so beautiful and I was the happiest person on earth. At least that's how I remember this trip. This time, however was full of not so great things as well.

So after almost freaking out, I went out as fast as I could and just started walking. Not with any special purpose or aim, just for the sake of walking. I strolled along the long Potsdamer street, that was lined by shopping malls and full with people strolling around. It was a very peaceful walk and I didn't want it to end.

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