berlin travel report #8

Hey, guys!
As I was to Berlin a while ago, I experienced a lot of interesting things, I want to tell you about.
This is the eightth part of my travel report.

So, I waited in front of the test room, chatting with some of the other people standing there.
The test consists of three section: vocablurary, grammar and listening, eache's lenght varied between 30 and 60 minutes. Between each part, we had a 40 minutes (!) break, in which we talked little about the last test section and drank and went to the toilet.

It was... kinda... So, it's really hard for me to describe generally, how well I did at a test and because theis test was so diffrent from the tests, I've ever taken, it was even harder. There were some very easy parts and some rather diffucult ones and some, I din't understand at all. The vocablurary part wasn't too difficult. The grammar part was weird because after it, everybody told me, that they took so much time with the first part, that they became very in hury with the seccond one but I was quite fine with the time, what makes me wondering whether I missed something. At the listening part, my concentration had reached it's lowest point and I couldn't think clearly. It went accordingly.
Generally, I think I was okay, but not necessarily good. After it, howevre I felt so relieved and happy. I strolled the last two hours through Berlin middle and didn't care about the money and was so happy. I'd really wished the test to take place at the first day of the weekend.
Then, the time came and I had to go back to the airport, what made me feel very sad, because I love this town so much. Now, this great experience was over already.
So, I flyed back, somehow I was nervous and felt weird but.. yeah.

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That was it. That was my berlin travel report for this time.
See you soon xx

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