berlin travel repot #6

Hey guys!
As I was to Berlin a while ago, there are a lot of things, I experienced, I want to tell you about. This is the fifth part of mz travel report, further parts are following.

So then, finally, as my foot already hurt a lot, I decided to go back to my youth hostel. I saw some girls, who were really looking like prostitudes at Lützenhofstraße. But as there clothers weren't too saucy, I was a little confused. They had bottles with them, so maybe I saw alcoholics there.
I then, however went back to my youth hostel. As I was sitting in this 'community room' in the entry area and doing vocablurary, a boy sat next to me. Soon, he asked me, how old I am, whethr I have a boyfriend, whether I have facebook etc. It was obvious, that he wanted to flirt with me but it felt reallly akward because I think,  the imagination, that somebody thinks, I'm attractive, is weird and I didn't really liked him for flirting do obvious. I wouln't bet that my answers were so flirty, I rather tried to stifle him friendly, what eventually worked out and he went away. It felt strange though.

The next day
So, as I'd planned this day way better than the saturday, I knew where to go and what to do. I stood up and accomplished my morning routine as far as possible. I then went to breakfast and ate a lot. i really ate a bunch of food, vegan, obviously and it was very tasty. Meanwhile, I was answering messages and watching videos on my phone. I think, I looked like this smartphone- obsessed, unconcious teenager with no friends. Then I walked out and along the nearest streets. Almost nobody was out there, what was a great experience. I made some (to my mind) really great photos on the street and I saw some prostitudes dressing in a street corner. This city is somewhat ragged. I was to the underground station Kurfürstenstraße as well, what was interesting.
Then, I took the next bus to the 'political part' of Berlin (how I call it) and it was really great there, because the dun was just rising and I saw very few people out there. I strolled along the streets and visided the holocaust memorial and the homosexuals memorial, both interesting and sad. I was to this long street with lots of other country's estates as well.
Then, I walked along the riverside of the Spree, the near river. I originally planned to jog there, but my stomach was hurting when I walked to fast so I just went along 'normally'. From there, I walked to the university, the test was going to take place at. There I met a man, who's planning to take the test as well. He asked me whether this is the right building. I somehow felt a little realxed, knowing that today was definetly the test's date. I walked along there a while and then decided to eat lunch/ seccond breakfast in a vegan cafe.

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