berlin travel repot #7

Hey, everybody!
As I was to Berlin a while ago, I had some interesting experiences, I want to share with you. This is the seventh part of my travel report, further parts are following.

So, I used google maps to guide me to a vegan cafe, that wasn't too far away. I, however had a constant feeling of nervousness, because I feared coming too late to the test, even though I had still about  three hours, till it would be starting.
I waited in front of the cafe, what hadn't open yet. It aroused my sympathy immediatly as there were lots of stickers placed on the walls, claiming things like 'Nazis out' or 'Don't look away'. There was a LGBT flag sticker as well. There were s lot of people waiting in front of the cafe. I felt somehow preserved, as I was surrounded by people with the same thoughts about nutrition. On the other hand, I didn't talk to anybody and had the slight feeling, that I'm not going to make any friends here either.
The cafe opened.
First of all: The food was great. There was a vegan- vegetarian breakfast buffet, where anybody could eat for a self- chosen contribution. The vegan stuff was maybe one of the tastiest, I've ever eaten. There was vegan chocolate cream, noodle salad, fruits with yoghurt and the best- sweet semolina. It tasted very great and the rooms were nice, too.
So, I got myself a plate full of intresting stuff and sat anywhere. I felt akward sitting there alone, whereas everyone else came in groups. So, I was sitting at a long table, where other people were sitting at, too. After a while, a women there told me, that this table was booked by this group. There was a sign, that I overlooked. I stood up (I threw down my knife) and searched for another place, I could sit at. All tables turned out to be occupied already. Eventually, I sat down next to two girls, who I, however, didn't speak a lot to.
I couln't really  enjoy my meal, because I felt so alone and wished my friend to be here. I actually missed her, because I imagined it to be so funny with her.
Maybe because of this weird feelings or because I was worried for the test, I left soon and took the next train to Berlin middle.
The time had finally come. I had to take the test. There was again the feeling, that I was pushed in this situation to quickly although I needed some mental preparation time. I went to the university building and the accounted room, where a lot of people were already standing.

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