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First of: Currently, people from eight diffrent countries were reading a post of mine. How insane is that?? (Thank you very much)
So, as yesterday was christmas, I got some presents. I'm going to talk about the rest of the christmas day later, but for now, I want to focus on one certain present, that was given me.
I got the book BINGE by Tyler Oakley. At this time, I want to point out, that I'm not necessarily a huge Tyler Oakley fan. I mean, I'm watching and enjoying his videos and I appreciate his work but I'm not a crazy fangirl stalking him on any social media platform possible and writing long shipping- fanfiction. Okay, I tried to draw some fanarts several times and failed. I am
, however a keen viewer of his videos. So, I put his book on my wish list.
I left over the big rectengular presents, I suspicted to be (youtuber's) books to the end. After I have opened up all the other presents, I packed out the four oblong presents. I was honestly so excited opening this gifts; my heat beated fastly and my fingers trmble, a feeling that I would have when meeting this youtubers as well. Maybe I am a fangirl.
There was it, the hardcover from BINGE, the cover was somehow made a little sculptural, one can slide one's finger across the paper, feeling the title's letters. It looked great and I read in two stages.
I didn't really inform myself before putting his book on my wish list and I din't really know what the book is about. I knew that it's some kind of autobiography and deals with (spoiler alert) binging.
The book isn't chronological, but it basically consists of several chapters, each dealing with a certain topic and Tyler's thought and experiences about it. There were some pictures as well.
The book was really varied. There was a bunch of funny stories, I laugh about loudly. On the other hand, there were some sad storieds as well, next to thoughful parts. I liked all of them.
As I'm not the Tyler Oakley fan, I was surprised about his rather wild party and sex life, what I wouln't have expected (him to talk about). His shocking eating disorder story was a rather unknown story to me as well.
I really appreciated the honesty, the book is written with. Tyler doen't try to conceal something, but he talkes about it and about his opinion, even though it's sometimes a controversial topic. As his life described in the book was full of ups and downs, the book shows a very realistic attitude. I think, everybody has something, Tyler wrote. to identify with even if one isn't a Tyler Oakley fan.
I personally could identify myself with one of the last chapters, where Tyles talks about this life only consisting of work and one being unfulfilled, even though it's great life and his vague sucide thoughts and the feeling of not being understood by anybody. This was a chapter, I read very thoughtfully and carefully. I wondered whether Tyler was bullied in school as well, but I guess he's an exception from the majority of youtubers having a horrible school time.
The book, that was talking more and more about youtube towards the end, encouraged and motivated me. It especally motivated me keeping my 'online buisness', this blog. I was encouraged to put more efford in writing good posts because I want this to become bigger because I love blogging and I know, it's technically possible to let a blog become a job.
I know, for now, I'm far from being a good or professional blogger. But this book inspired me too much to not freak out about my own internet dream.
This was a long post and I hope, it was enjoyable though.
Love you all, see you tomorrow

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