But you can't save the whole world!

Today, I wanted to discuss another agument commonly mentioned against veganism. When I say that I am vegan to put a bit more justice in this world, some people are like:
  • It's good what you do, really! But you can't save the whole world!
So, uhm, this is kinda true. I am a little, unimortant, irrelavant human being, that isn't going to change anything on an earth with other 8 billion human beings. This is a fact.
As I'm only a single indiviual it isn't very likely that I'm going to abolish animal slaughter nor will I stop all animal suffer. But I know, that I make a diffrence in the world. No big diffrence, nothing world changing but an existing diffrence. 
World is not going to change but maybe, in 20 or 30 years there will be this one slaugtherhouse or this one farm, that goes bankrupt and has to close. Or maybe there will be this one person giving up his batcher job. For this animals, that are not consumed by me, I matter and I make a diffrence. This diffrence is this animals life. 
I don't know, whether our world  can be changed but I want to do some good and make the other individual's life a little less horrible. 
This is also the reason, why I'm blogging about my veganism. Maybe there will be this one person, that decides to go vegetarian or even vegan somedays. Maybe there will be this one individual, that decides to eat just a little less animal prouducts. 
I think that people, who have the opportunities and chances should do their best to help making the world a better place. I am having a real high life standard and a lot of opportunities, so I want to make a diffrence. Even if it's just a little.

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