christmas stuff~

Hey guys!
Today is chrismas! Yeee~y. But however.
The day before yesterday was the last day of school in this year, what means, that I was to the school church and exchanged little presents with my friends. Everybody seemed to put a lot of effort in their presents and it was very funny. I love to see people packing out my presents and enjoying them (or at least pretending to enjoy them). The classes consisted of watching movies and singing christmas songs, what wasn't really worth going to school, but
Then, yesterday, I worked s lot on school stuff and had a 'christmas party' with my friends in the evening. They're the people I'd consider to be my 'best friends' and we had a lot of fun. After we'd exchangeds great gifts and ate cookies, we watched funny videos together. We watched a hypnose- video, after what me and another friend couln't stop laughing for about 15 minutes. The other friend was quite annoyed. We did some weird 'psychotests' as well and joked with people on omledge. It was a funny time. Besides having fun, my friends and I had some interestingly serious conversations as well. We, for example dicussed the meaning of the song 'Don't Stay In School', which's great by the way.
I finally got the calendar, I selected,when I was to a Japanese shop with one friend a while ago. It's a small rilakkuma planner and the cutest in the world. Today, Istarted decorating and planning a little what was very funny. I feel somehow organized again.
I mean, I was very happy about the presents I got but I was thinking about this a lot. I don't think, it's quite responsible to wish for materialistic gifts everytime, that you are likely to hrow away soon. I actually don't obey the majority of presents, I got by my friends last year, anymore, what is slighly scaring. What would be constructive to my mind would be either giving consumable gifts like foods or hygiene supplies or buy something useful, that the person definitely wants to have. In this case, however, a detailed wish list would be necessary what may offend some people.
This is one of this problems, I still have to figure out.
I wish you, however a merry happy funny and thoughtful christmas and I'll see you soon

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