berlin travel report #4

Hey guys! 
As I was to Berlin, the German capital city, last weekend, there're a lot of happenings, I want to tell you about. This is the forth part of my travel report, further parts are following. 

So, there I was. At this bus station and I walked in the direction of the university. I was so excited, both in negative and positive ways. After I strolled along the interesting book- flea market at the university's fence, I went in. After one entered the premisis, there is a beautiful green area with some statues and kickstands. Than this great, wooden door. I went in and again, I was someway happy but felt, that I'm not right belonging here (yet) as well. I always wondered, whether it's illegal to enter a university building in spite of not being a university student. But I think, it's okay. It was really silent in there and I had a look at the various magazines, that provided information about the university. I took some with me as well. The seccond floor's walls were lined by pictures of scientifical important persons (primarily men). After strolling around this, I went out. Being in the university was again an undescribable experience. I gained will to enter this very university, but I gained anxiety as well.
Another thing, I had to realize, that even if I'll enter this university and study there, not everything is going to be perfect. I just had some weird thoughts in there.
I then, however, decided to try out a vegan restaurant for lunch/ dinner. I drove with the bus to a restaurant called 'soy', that provides vegan- vegetarian meals in form of vietnamese dinners. It was a little weird to sit there alone, but I read in Christiane F while eating (what may've looked really weird, but.. ) The food was very hot at the beginning and as it cosistet of a small bottle of rice and a pot with vegetables and souce, it reminded me a little of Japanese plates. Actually, it was very delicious. It was very chilly, but somehow, I everytime thought that it'd be very late already (It was about 3 pm) and became very anxious about it. I don't really understand why I paniced about this. Even if it would hve been late, it wouldn't matter that much.
I, however, finished  my meal and went off. I wanted to go to the 'political' part of Berlin, so I took the next part to Berlin Paris place, the location of the Brandenburg gate as well as the Reichstag and other countrie's estates.

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BTW: I postet my very fist entry on this blog yesterday a year ago. A blog review is coming soon :)

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