I ate cheese

Hey, guys!
So yestday, I was to scouts group and it was somewhat a diffrent ecperience than it used to be the weeks before. We decided to cook something and changed the ideas several times, until we got to pizza. As I already outed myself as a vegetarian (yes, not as a vegan yet) there was extra vegetarian pizza made for me. It was kinda cute but also kinda annoying, that the people there treated my like someone with a special allergy, who's gonna die if he eats meat or so. They asked me a lot times, whether I like corn pizza and whether this's ok and that's ok and I like this or that or how much I like. I mean, I didn't told'em that I was a freaky weird vegan yet. They only thought of me as a vegetarian ans I cannot believe, that they regarded this to me 'special'. In our society, I thought, having eating habits that don't include eating meat, would be normally accepted. Apparantly, I was wrong. So, this was a think, that made me worry once more, when I'm going to tell them about being vegan. As we are going to make a LAN party this weekend, where we will (of course) eat things that may contain other animal products, I want to tell them than. But it's complicated.
We however, made pizza. This day, I somehow decided that it'll be more fun, when I don't go with my "friend" (who's a bitch) but just be honest and talk with the nerdy boys about things. So we started chatting and i didn't responded to my "friend" all the time, because I didn't try to be cool. It was really fun. After we had a long and interesting dicussions about politics and the current crisis, we talked about a topic, I'm very experienced at: youtube. And they're just the same nerds as I am. It was fun.
Then we finally ate pizza and I furtively put away as much cheese as possible. The pizza tasted really good, but I couln't avoid eating at least some cheese, that sticked to the dough. This cheese tasted extremly greasy and fatty and it made me feel greazy and fatty as well. I mean, one could say, that I'm imagining and exaggerating things but I swear that I had a cheese taste in my mouth the whole evening, what made me feel very uncomfortable and ugly. I rinsed my mouth several times, but it didn't really work out that well.
What I'm trying to say is, that my body is so used to a plant- based nutrition, that even this small amount of milk product feels uncomfortable to me. I really don't know.
It was, however, a funny evening and I look forward to the weekend.
See you then.

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