It must be soo hard to be vegan!

Hey guys!
After a kinda long pause I wanted to go on dicussing arguments mentioned against veganism. When I tell people, that I'm vegan, a lot of people, even those, who aren't against veganism but are interested in my way of nutrition, tend to say: "It must be soo hard to be vegan!" or "This would be too hard for me" or  "Isn't it exetremely difficult to be vegan?". I don't think, it's "difficult" or "comlicated" to be vegan, because there is just one, easy rule: Don't eat food, thata comes from animals.
I think, the reason, why people regard veganism as expensive and difficult is, because they associate it with vegan replacement products. I mean, there are actually this kind of vegan meat and vegan cheese stuff, but they aren't necessary, they aren't the base for a vegan nutrition.
I think, the other misunderstaning, people tend to have about veganism is, that vegans would just skip animal products and eat less food, what isn't the truth as well. Veganism is about  replacing animal products with plant products. As vegetables are tendentially cheaper than meat or milk prouducts, this is a way of replacing expensive products with cheap products, what doen't support the argument, that veganism is "too expensive" for some people, as well. By buying more plant- based food, one will save money.
Difficulties occur, when it comes to the actual replacing of animal products in a recipe, what may be confusing at the first glimpse, because they are a lot of diffrent products to replace for example an egg, acoording to it's benefit in the recipe. I, personally, wouln't suggest buying loads of vegan recipes and cook books but instead, make "normal" recepies and replace the animal stuff. In the internet, there are really lots of lists and tables, that can help to find the right replacement for a product (for example, here, here or here).
I think, as a lot of vegans are regarded as eco- activists, people think, that they'd only buy fair- trade, local- produced, organic food from the next farm. That's not true. Although there are people doing this, it'S perfectly okay and easy to buy at any normal supermarket. (There are actually this "veganazi police people" as I call them, but I'll talk about that phenomenen in another post).
What can be actually a little difficult, is dining out. Although there are nowdays a lot of vegan or vegetarian restaurants, one isn't ever willing to drive one hour just to get to a restaurant, that does only provide plant- based food. What I started doing is just requiring a normal plate, but asking for leaving out or replacing certain ingredients (e.g. pizza without cheese, salad without yohgurt). This isn't the perfect way yet, as it can be regarded as impolite and unappropriate sometimes, but for me it's working out.
The biggest actual difficulty for vegans (in my opinion) is to tell people, that one is vegan and to be honest about that. I had some "vegan outings" already, but whenever I eat with somebody, I have to say it again. I used to avoid conversations about my nutrition, but I want to be more open and less anxious about it, as a lot of people have no problems with that.
As you saw, there are still things, I'm insecure and unsure about, but I'm positive, I'll find this stuff out somedays.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a great further day! See you soon!

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