lookin' forward to Berlin

Hey guys!
I fucking excited and nearly crying. As some of you may know,  the 6th of december this year ist this years seccond JLPT date. I studied hard the last moth and now I want to achieve this test. I registered to this test about four moth ago and I registered for the test in Berlin.
This town. If you read through my old blog post you will find quite a lot posts about my experience in Berlin when I was ther about 11 moth ago. I wasn't there on occasion but just for fun and this intention was fulfilled completely. This two days are burned in my mind so firmly, I can remember everything, that I did in detail... it's wonderful.
Even though this time's experience is kinda tarnished by my fear about the upcoming Japanese test (That I actually feel prepared for, but.. I'm frightened), I look so much to seeing my beatiful city again. I don't know, what is so fulfilling about this travel to Berlin. Maybe it's the freedom and independence I have there what makes it a holy place to me. There are so much things, I love, that I can discover only in Berlin. Furthermore it's kinda the orgin of German veganism, what's an attractive asset as well.
This city is simply undescribable beautful and my heart starts beating so hard when I think about discoving this city's treasures again in a few days.
I'm looking forwar and I'll definitely post detailed travel reports. Look forward to it!
See you then

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