struggle: ~rose vs black~

There is this question, that bothers me quite a long time now. I often wonder, who I am and what me "real" or "best- fitting" personality is. As my outward apperance is a kind of part of my character, I consider styles and fashion as well. So there are two styles, I really like and want to wear:

  1. Pastel Decora
  2. Rock Chic
This styles are like the complete opposite.
Pastel Decora is about wearing, light colers, cute motives, a lot of adorable chains. It consists mostly of skirts and shirts or pullovers, mixed with a variety of cute accessories. The color most wearn is pink or purple. The hair is often dyed or half- dyed in light colors and a little make up is used (Okay, the gitl in the picture has kinda chains on her facial skin, but I mean the use of mascare, lipstick etc. is rare) . Basically, Decora is about being cute and adorable (The Japenese idea of cuteness, being kawaii)

Rock Chic, on the other hand, consists of wearing mostly black, grey and sometimes dark brown or blue clothes, who are often ripped or denim. It is a mixture of the typical, slightly scruffy rock style and a bit glamour, expressed throughout silver colored chains, a little bit glitter and shinyness. What is weared often are hotpants with tights or leggins, coats or waistcoats and hats. The accessories are black and brown bracklets and rings, sometimes neclaces.
When you have a look st this styles, it's not hard to see that they're exetremely diffrent.

As I want to adopt one of this styles, I start by buying anything I really need in the style's performance (Adorable/ pink or rocky/ black). The problem is that, as I can't decide which style I like better, I don't know, at which style I should start the takeover with . Currently, I focus on cute things and my pink- stuff suppy is increasing. But still, I wonder whether it wouldn't be better to start buying black and silver stuff.
For now, I want to try out going in the Pastel Decora direction. I intend to start give Rock Chic a burl after I've finished school.
Bye then.

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