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Hey, guys!
Yesterday, I eventually got the permission by my father, that I am allowed to go to this music festival in summer with my friend. At first, three of us wanted to go there, but than the other friend got told by her mother that it is going to be dirty there (surprise- a festival is no clinical tidy rosewater place) We, however, decided to go there anyway and now, after I am finally permitted to go there, we are starting to pla a lot, what will definitely take a lot of time. Both of us have never been at a festival or concert and we are therefore extremely unexperienced in this events. We did, however, camp very often so I think, it is going to be okay.

Right afte my father allowed me this evern, however, we started a vegan discussion again. I was even more stunned about his arguments than last times. His arguments basically were:

  • plants may have feelings as well
No, they don't. This is just not true. First of all, plants have neither nerves nor a spinal as well as       they do not have a brain, what could regognize the pain. Furthermore, they have no way of             showing their "feelings", what to me therefore means that they do not have significant ones. If you   cut a plant in pieces, it will not scream.
  • If the cow would not get milked in this fabrics, she would not have been even breeded there, she would not be alive
This is seriously the pure expression of stupidity. I can't even express it. Obviously, no cow would     be alive in this fabrics if the fabrics would not exist. What the cows are doing in there can hardly       be described as living, it's existing and working. Why should I support such a system?
  • a little of animal products will not kill me
Obviously, it won't. I am not a vegan, because I think, that animal products are neessarily                   "poisenous", I do it for ethic reasons, what my father does not understand yet.
  • it is better to eat a variety of (food) products than only exetreme products
I do not think, that is essentially necessary to eat a variety of products. What is, however,             important, is to eat a variety of vitamins, protein and carbonhydrates, that can be ingested with a         vegan nourishment as well. If I want to eat a "variety" of food, I should probably consider eating         also the stuff, that is not culturally accepted here, but in other nations, like cats or grasshoppers.           What makes us consider our products as the "whole variety" is the fact, that we are culturally used       to  them.
  • the human's canines show, that we are meat eaters
I believe, that the human body generally shows that it is a herbivore's body. We have neither               robust, spiky finger- and toenails nor hunting instincts (like exetremely good aural ability) nor are       we walking on four pales. I could name hundreds of other feature, but I want rather to link to this        charts, what explaines the thing very well. 
  • Nothing is made for the human
This was the argument, my father said, when I claimed, that milk is only made for baby cows and        not for any other animals or humans. I do no think that anything is made for the human species, in      order to survive, the human has to take away things from other creatures like animals and plants. I      personally just consider it to be more peacefully to eat a tree's apple that a pig's muscle. 

It was a weird discussion and I am pretty sure, that my father got non of my points.
Furthermore, I developed some sewing plans this week. First of all, I tried to wear a little less mainstream clothes like my teddybear- cap or the fimo rainbow chain, I made. I really like it, but I am still struggling with earing stuff warm enough for a winter day.
Besides, I am planning to sew some clothes for myself or change ones, I already posses. Is started easily by applying a fimo button to a white blouse. Next, I planned to try a pullover, but I think, this is going to be really not that easy. Furthermore, my backpack ripped. It is not a huge rip, but it is enlarging, because my schoolbag is often really full. So, I though about sewing a backpack instead, what will me even more difficult. I started sewing a backpakc onces, but back then I did have far lower expectations and ideas for what it should look like. As it should be a backpack for school, it should really be robust.
As the lineup for the festival, I want to go to, is visible at the internet, I figured out that there are still quite a lot of bands, whose music I do not know. Even though the names ring a bell, I often do not know their songs too good. As I want to get known to some other bands as well, I decided to "explore" a band every day, what means that I use my morning breakfast time to listen to this band. I like it.
At wednesday, I made sushi with my friend and it was really tasty.
This was, I think, basically my week and I hope, you enjoyed this post.
See you soon

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