~fimo update

Hey, guys!

As I've been making some new fimo recently, I wanted to show you my new jewelry pieces. As I'm somehow starting to be really interested in the pastel goth style, I made some exetremely pastel and cute goods. As you can see, I made a rainbow chain, that was inspired by plenty of similar chains. It's simple yet adorable, what is the reason, why I like it.
Next, we have two earing pins in the form of this kinda marshmellow- curl. I don't know its proper name and I haven't seen or eaten one in real life, but I liked the form. Although, I wonder, whether they will actually look good as earings.
Because I had some fimo material left over, I decided to make a color- mixed button, I want to sew on a blouse to give it a little pastel- like look.
I like the rainbow cake the best. As I was creating rather small fimo stuff before, I wanted to try ouut something a little more complicated, what made me choose this also often- made pastel rainbow cake chain, that I am planning to wear in the next time.
For some of my friends, who will have birthday soon, I tried to make a fimo Moomin guy and a fimo MyMelody (Unfortunately, I didn't took a picture of the final version of them, so this is a kinda unfinished version, but I hope it is okay though). I am not so happy with this fimo pieces, as they eventually did not look as cute as I hoped them to. I am, however, okay with it.
Creating fimo was again fun and I like the results.
See you soon

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