How I implemented the Konmari method in my wardrobe

Hey, everyone!
After I posted about the Konmari method a few days ago, I now put the Konmari strategies into praxis and tidied my whole wardrobe. So, I took this almost free saturday and started. I put out all the clothes, that were crumpled and wrinkled stored in my wardrobe. As you can see at the befor- after photos, my wardrobe looked far from organized or structured before this. Even though I tried putting the clothes vertiically into the drawer, after a few days, it just was a big, undorted heap of garments. I just stuffed the clothes inbetween each other uncarefully and it endede up looking like this.

So, I put out all of my clothings and folded them according to the Konmari folding method.

For T- Shirts, I first folded the sleeve- sides inward (1,2), then folded it lenghtwise (3) and lenghtwise once again (4). At the end, I folded it widthwise, so that it could stand vertically
For trousers, I started by folding them halfway through (2) and the lengthwise twice (3, 4). Then I folded the trousers in thirds, so that I had a rectangle, that could stand on its own.
 I folded  Smaller trousers or shorts by first folding them halfway through (2), folding the prodruding triangle in (3) and folding the shorst in thirds(4, 5). The final rectangle(6) had about the same size as the trousers' one.
As I have a couple of skirts as well, I had to invent my own folding methood for them. I started be falding them in half(2), then I folded in the right triangle (3) and folded the smaller triangle in again(4) (whether this spep is necessary, depends on the size and cut of the skirt.) I then folded the rectangle in thirds(5,6) and had the self- standing piece.

For underwear, I first folded in theside leg-sections (2, 3), then folded in the upper part (4) and folded the whole thing in half (5).
Socks were folded by first folding in the part above the heel(2) (no matter, how long the sock is) and then folding it in half (3), so that a self- standing rectangle arises.

Even though I am not sure, whether I will use my bathrobe once again, I put it in my wardrobe. As I am definitely not going to use it that often, I packed it below the trousers. I folded it by first folding in the sleeve. sides (2, 3) and then folding it in hald twice (3, 4).

I folded my apron by starting at the backside(2) and folding in the right and left sides till the straps (3). Then, I folded it in half twice (4, 5). So, I had a rectangle, that perfecly fitted in the wardrobe.

While sorting and folding all my clothes, I also assorted a small pile of clothes. The remaining clothes are all piece, that I really like and want to wear.
My lowest drawer now contains trousers, T- Shirts, pullovers, shorts, skirts and my bathrobe. I really think, it lookes way better and tidier now.
The middle drawer of my wardrobe contains my underwear, socks and tights as well as pants, gauntlets and tops.
The uppest drawer did not change that much, as it basically contains hardly foldable 'special' clothing items.
The rest of the wardrobe contains of a hanging rail with my blouses as well as my jogging clothes (lower shelf) and a box with my bags and a scarf. This part did not change this much as well, but I tidies it up a bit, what makes it look at least a bit better.
I also tidied up my shelf in our hallway. 

So, in sum, I am very satisfied with the result and I think, it is possible to keep this cleanness. I may update my wardrobe state in a few weeks. The Konmari method is an actually  adaptable and handy system, I like it!

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