How to declutter and reorganize memories (papers)

Hey guys!
When looking sround my room, everything seems to be rather clean and tidied, except from two folders in my cabinet. This two folders contain sentimental items and memories, especally from my exchange to Japan, which's papers fill a whole folder. The folders have lots of completely overfilled transparent films and it's almost impossible to look at something in them properly. So, today, I took this two folders and decluttered and reorganized the sentimental papers in them. In the end, they would only fill the half of one folder and it would be possible to look at each paper.

I started with packing out all the papers squeezed in one transparent foil and put them on my desk. Then, I took a white DIN A 4 paper and took the first few items of the paper pile. I decided which papers I will take and whether they will all be visible on the paper. I often sorted the papers according to the event or time, they remind me of. So, I took all the papers of one particular event to put on the paper.
Then, I took a scissors and cut out the paper's necessary or important parts, so the parts, I want to be visible. I let some papers the way they are as well.
For the next step I arrrenged the memories on the white paper in various ways, finding an arrangement, where every paper is visible and everything is presented in  a good way.
Then, I would take a glue pin and glue on the papers in the arranged way. For this step, it is okay to have lots of protruding corners.
Next, the scissors it taken and this corners are cut off. Now we have the size of a DIN A4 paper.
This paper was then perforated and put into a folder.
In case there was a sentimental paper of the size DIN A 4, I wanted to keep, I would just glue the other papers on this one.

That was it. Not too hard, isn't it? Using this method, I not only produced a lot of waste paper, but was also able to have the important content of two folders in one (that is not even half- filled).  I enjoy the folder very much, as it is easy to look at memory papers again and the pages can be arranged in a flexible order.

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