How to reduce your hobbies to the ones, you really enjoy

Hey, everyone!
As I've already talked about in this post(about minimalism), I want to get rid of the hobbies, I may indeed engage in but do not really reiceive happyness through.
Having not so much hobbies is a part of a minimalistic lifestyle as well. At the first glimpse, it may seem very illogical and not understandable, why somebody would not try to pursue all hobbies, he/ she is enjoying at the moment.
In fact, reducing hobbies should help increasing ones happyiness and bliss, one gets while engaging in a hobby. There are a couple of reasons, why this bliss cannot be achieved with so much hobbies; First of all, one cannot concentrate on so many activities at once. It is just impossible, to do a hobby very concentrated and focussed when thinking about so many other activities, one wants to engage in. Secondly, people are often engaging in hobbies, they may enjoy at some point, but that do not bring them happyness. Often, people refuse to stop doing this hobbies, because it is unconvenient. The hobbies, they engage in, are mostly easy- pursuable or not very energy- consuming hobbies. Other hobbies, that may bring way more bliss to their lifes, are denied to do, because something inconvenient may has to be done for them.
Furthermore, a lot of hobbies at once are just reallly money-, time- and (sometimes stress- and)energy consuming, what does not really fit with a minimalistic lifestyle. To fix this problem, one could either stop really engaging in their hobbies and doing hem half- heartedly or get active and reduce ones hobbies.
This is, what I am doing. So, what I did, was basically that I wrote a list of all my hobbies. I thought of all the activities, I am engaging in currently, no matter, how regulary or how frequently I do so. To support this thinking process, I had a look around my room and scanned the items in ther. Every item represents either a necessary living supply (e.g. clothes or a water bottle) or a hobby supply (e.g. a camera, books). In total, I had 17 hobbies written down at my paper. It's already tellable by the number, that this is way to much. But no matter how ofen I re- read the paper and thought about it, I could not even think of abolishing a single one.
So, I decided to witness my own leisure behaviour. Every few days, I would take a look at the list, think about what I did engage in the most or what I did not do at all. In doing so, I underlined the hobbies, I am enjoying frequently and put those in bracklets, that I did not engage in at all.
Now,about two weeks after I made this list, a few hobbies seem to outstand, while others are fading into the backround. What is in braclets in my list is currenly mainly scrapbooking and watching movies. This are the activities, I did not do at all in this period of time.
my bookshelf before
While I am still thinking about whether to do scrapbooking or not, I am really sure now, that watching movies is not a really great hobby for me. When thinking about it, I am not into movies at all. I mean, I sometimes watch some movies for fun, but I do not know anything about specific directors, actors, playwriters or movie producers. It should not be considered as a hobby of mine when I obviously have no knowledge about it at all.
So now, I found out at least one hobby, I want to reduce from my activity's list. What now? 

and after
Next, I had a look at the items, that symbolize this former hobby. Although I am not a great collector, I have a couple of film DVDs in my cupboard. So, I looked through all of them carefully, realizing, that I do not watch them more often then twice a year, often only at birthday parties or some kind of other special events. For this kind of occasions, film DVDs can be lend really easily at a library or a video rental store, but they do not have to raise dust inbetween my books. According to the Konmari method, it is also worth mentioning that now of them really spark joy to me.
So, I now observed the hobbies, it's items and the opportunities, I am engaging in this hobby as well as solutions for that. So, I think, I sucessfully reduced my list of hobbies. As I have still 16 hobbies in total, I will definitely continue witnessing my leisure behaviour and adjusting the list.
I really hope, that this helped you as well. If you have anything to say about it, let me know.
See you soon!

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