I was sking !

Hey, guys!
I was sking this weekend and it was amazing. It basically consistet of me and my friend sking at half- melten pistes and us watching movies or series at her Netflix account. I'm going to talk about certain series later but let me just say: We watched a bunch of serious and they were more or less amazing;

  • Walking Dead: I was hardly disappointed. The series is the most zombie- clichees- like- think, I've ever seen and it was in no way exciting or thrilling but just ridicculous to watch
  • Sherlock: I really enjoyed watching this detective story, although I couldn't take Watson for serious, as I always saw te hobbit in him
  • Lost: Great series, I loved it. It was fascinating, exciting and interesting to watch and I liked especally the variety of characters and their stories. I#m planning to go on watching this series. 
  • Supernatural: It is one of my friend's favorite series, but to me, it was just shit. It consistet mostly of a far- fetched, unrealistic story, that tries to be funny and interesting, mixed with a bunch of bad effects and magic characters, who couldn't be less authentic. 
  • Der Tatortreiniger (The crime scene cleaner): We didn't really expect this series to be anything good and it fulfilled our expectations completely. It was just weird and not funny and like those horrific scripted reality shows. But we laughed about it
  • American Horror Story: OMG, I love it so much. After we've watched one episode, I just wanted to keep watching. I mean, as I like horror movies very much, I obviously likes this series for it's scary and unexplained happenings, but it wasn't the typical horror story, as I would've expected it. Apart from two things, there is nothing paranormal or unhappenable but lots of strange psycho people, who are all in some way connected and linked with each other. It was exciting and funny. The haunted- old- house storie couln't be more stereotypical, but I really appreciated the way, this topic was dealt with in the series. I want to keep watching it.
  • Mirai Nikki (Future Diary): The is the only anime, we watched and it was interesting. Although it's often unrealistic happenings and exaggerated characters, it was a very intersting and compelling story.
The evening before, I slept at her place and we browsed through the internet and actually tried out a tutorial for black magic, what (unfortuanately) didn't work out at all, but it was funny. (Seriously, who actually think, it would work out?!) We obviously drove ski as well. I don't really know, what I should tell about this. The snow was less yet great to be there at least. It took me a little time to "relearn" sking but I just fell down one time and it was really fun to drive, although my fingers almost freezed to death. We also build a small snowman and trew snowballs and each other. On the third day, we slid down a gigantic snow hill, what was extremely joyous. The village was cute, vintage and cozy, so was the house, we lived in. We had all- day vegan food, what I really enjoyed. And we drank lots of cacao. It was really great.

So, this was my short opinion about the ski holdidays and I'd wish for more snow, but I'm positive that my desire won't be fulfilled.

However, have a nice day and see you tomorrow!

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