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As I read the TIME magazine yesterday, I stumbled about an article, that aroused my interest. It basically talked about a so- called tidy queen Marie Kondo, who writes books about cleaning and tidying up. She is als a minimalism what was the reason for my interest. The moethod, she invented, is called the Konmari method and contains of two main steps:
First of all, it is necessary to know, that things, that one posseses should be sorted by cathegory and not by room or location. As the first step of the method is, to put all items of a kind out on the floor, this means, that the things should be searched in the whole house and not only in one room. According to her, one should really take a whole day for this tidying not just a few minutes everyday here and there.
The cathegories, the goods should be sorted according to, are clothes, books, papers/ documents, miscellanous and mementos(I think, she created certain.
subcathegories for this as well, but this is at least the rough order) When tidying, each day (it takes about one week) should be dedicated to one kind of items, usually in the order, I listed them up above. To her mind, cluttering each day a little, has no point.
After all the items of the cathegory have been put on the floor, it's time to actually sort them. The key question of how to decide to keep or not keep something is, "Does is 'spark joy'?". So, the phrase 'spark joy' may look really weird and strange at the beginning. What it means is, that one should not focus on the goods, that are uneccessary and useless, but on the great items, one cherishes. Kondo reccommends to take each item in your hand and touch it, so that your body can react to the item. The key point here is, that it should not be a decision made by intellectual thinking but by actually feelings about the item.So, according to this wuestion, the items should be sorted in "keeping" and "decluttering" and the "deculttering"- items should be put away.
This method should help cluttering our home, so, that it only contains things, that actually make you happier. It is not a method focussed on certain rules or numbers (e.g. "ten shirts and five pair of socks" or "If you have not read this book since more that three month, throw it away") The method actually works according to one's individual intuition and feelings.
But, it has to be said, that sometimes it is necessary to keep items, that do not necessary make you a happier person, but are just essential for your daily life. Kondo claims this to be the only acceptable exception to keep thing, that do not spark joy.
I did not actually try out the decluttering method. I did, however, declutter my room already very often by putting out all items of one kind and sort them into keeping or throwing away. I, however, used to fucus on the need or necessity of an item and not on my personal feelings about is (at least, not in the first place). It has to be said, that I only own a single room and not a whole house full of stuff, what definitely makes a diffrence in terms of tidying. I, however, want to try this method out (probably this weekend) and tell you about the results.
But Kondo is not only a minimalist, she's a life hacker as well. I fyou are a little into life hacks, you will no the "put your clothes vertical and not horizontal in your wardrobe, so you can see, what you o´possess at first sight" I found this lifehack very interesting and put it into praxis in my own wardrobe. The problem is, that the clothes are not folded good enough, that they would stand on there own, I rather stuff them between other clothes and after a while, it did not look organized anymore at all.
what my wardrobe
currently looks like
Marie Kondo prevents her own folding method for this. She has invented several folding step- by- step strategies that fold any item into a piece, that is small and compact and can stand upright. Therefore, it is actually possible to put them in the wardrobe vertically.
I think, she has a couple of other specalized systems on how to storage certian things (e.g. using shoeboxes) but for now, they are not worth mentioning.
So, I really appreciate her system and her method and I definitely want to try them out.
I should probably mention, that I do not posses one of her books and I am not planning to do either. As the steps are understnadable in the internet, there is no need to buy more stuff, I will probably throw away.
See you soon xx

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