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Hey, guys!
Today I want to talk about a recent developtment in my life, that is still in progress.
As the semsster is almost over and the school certification allotting approaches, we do not have any tests in this month. Although it is obviously still important, how well we do in class, all of our tests are written and the next onew will come up in the new semester, what means, that this month cannot really be filled with studying.
As a person, who studies a lot, I was kinda bored to be honest. I often do not feel good when I think, that I wasted time or didn't spent a period of time studying. This month however, too much studying could not be justified, what made me slowly accept myself doing other things that cramming school stuff.
But, I still wanted this actions, fun or not fun, to be planned, what my new calendar was a great help for. I love my calendar, not just because it's cute as hell, but just because it helps me stay organized easily. I do not need to invest hours in planning each single day, but it can be made easily within five minutes before going to bed. So, I am using this tool for planning my fun leisure activities as well.
Especally this help made me realize, that it is actually possible to be great in school while having some fun activities. It's a planning matter. Since the time, I started studying very hard I used to  avoid setting a daily study time, in case, the amount of stuff, I had to study, would exceed this time. I thought, when I would just study all day, I could only end up getting perfect grades in every subject. So I ended up doing lots of not- so- very- useful but time- costing studying and on the other hand activities with a low- quality fun level (going on youtube, browsing tumblr..) This may work technically, but it definitely is not the best way to plan and spent one's time.
Furthermore, it lead to a continous imbalance of work and fun; as I had study time till I would go to bed, I used to use this whoe time, because I convinced myself, that I could do this for school and add this studying. When I sometimes, however, was done with studying completely (in my opinion) I did not wanted to have fun actively, because that would mean a lack of studying. So, I used to go on the internet, for studying purpose and find myself later watching pointless youtube videos, that are neither informative nor actually entertaining.
So, what I want to do especally this janurary is spending my time in some way "harder". That means, bringing my studying to a higher and more qualified and effective level but also pursuing a more intense and joyous hobby.
Ther is, however, one problem, I already talked about in my post about minimalism. I have a bunch of differnt hobbies, I would love to actually engage in intensively, but it is just too much. In order to make one hobby actually enjoyable, I have to focus on it and get the other hobbies at least out of my mind.
So, what I am aiming to do is reducing my hobbies to a few ones, I really enjoy and use my calendar  as a tool to outbalance work and life more effectively, in line with the motto: "Work hard, play hard"
See you soon!

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