new year's resolution

Hey, guys!
So, according to the title, you may've expected a list of my motivational resolutions for the great new year 2016. Uhm, nope, not that.
I don't think, resolutions are effective in any way. A lot of people use to make the resolution that they'll work out in the new year regulary. They mostly keep this 'habit' for one- two weeks until they push it away and keep eating choclate. I think, what new year's resolutions really are, is a way of procrastinating. When it comes to october, anybody can delay a personal goal by claiming, that it would be better to start in the new year, because this would be more motivating, even though they know, that they'll probably don't keept their habit longer than a few weeks.
I think, I am a tomorrow- person. When I want to achieve something, I want to have at least this one planning day, where I can "sin" a last time and prepare myself for working. THe next day, I often actually start this thing. tomorrow- person sounds like somebody, who is delaying the tasks to the next day, what wasn't what I meant to say.
While researching about the topic new year's resolution, I cam across a side, that summed up the failing rate of this really good --> here
So, I actually wrote down some aims, but only because my new calender provided this section. This aims are mainly about things I want to check in the middle or at the end of this year, so it aren't like habits, I want to keep. My aims include my current life's four basic section: school, japanese, blogging and a project of mine. I'll check, whether this goals have been achieved in one year or so. I gotta keep a reminder.
However, I wish all of a you a Happy New Year 2016 and lots of luck, power and fun for the next 356 days.

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