one year jubilee*~*~

Hey guys! Here, it finally is! My blog 1 year jubilee post. I published my very first post on this blog at december 12th 2014, what is more than one year ago, but I think, it's still the time for a jubilee talk. I don't actually know, why I startet blogging then in the first place.
I mean, I had several blogs before it. I think, I started my first blog, when I was 12 or 13 and since then, I had a couple of blogs, I closed or forgot about sooner or later. As far as I know, are almost all of my old blogs deleted, because I removed them or they were deleted because of me stopping posting anything at all. Blogging has been a dream of mine since a kinda long time. I think it was when I started exploring the wide world of the internet, when I came to the idea of having a site, where I post regulary about thinks, that move and touch me.
There was another time(when I started my youtube- addiction), that I changed my dream in becoming a youtuber, what is kinda similar to blogging. I mean, there are significatn differences between the two things, but the main concept is similar. I still love youtube more than a lot of things and I'd enjoy making  some more (actaully good) videos but I'm not targeting to become a youtuber.
Throughout having several different blogs, I think, I got some knowledge about blogging, but I'm still araw recruit in this area. But what I found out, especially in the process of this very blog, is, that I really like blogging. Blogging is a great form of expressing my feelings and opinions and showing my life, how I experience it. I think, it's because I like writing in general. For my whole childhood, I wanted to become an author and I still long for publishing some of my stories (in case, I get them done before my death). When I was like 10, Istarted writing my stories in a computer programm. Although, my first tries were far from publishable, I enjoyed writing this texts so much. Obviusly, ther is a diffrence between a blog and a book, but I would regard a blog post as a small book, a short story, that often actually happened.
Another hobby, that should enter my blog world, is photograhy. I mean, as soon as I had a camara, I obviously started photographing a lot, but not in a professional or good kind of way. Recently, I started developing the will to make few, but good photos. It's damn annoying for oneself and other to make a picture of just everything, so I want to concentrate of really few pictures, but ones, that are beatiful and expressive. For now, I'm using my mobile camera, that obviously isn't supporting the impression of professional photos, but I'm still training. So, photos are a part of blogging, too. Next to supporting a post's content visually, they  can express something unwritable, because unwritable things are existing in a great amount.
I think, I wrote my first blog post on this blog because a) I was bored and b) I just wanted to start this blogging- dream once. So, I started blogging about this and that, but as it occured, I lost the motivation to do so and the blog fizzles out slowly, especially because of my upcoming student exchange. When I have a look at my older posts back then, they are.. horrific. I wrote mostly about my day, not often in an interesting way and the photos were big and blurrred and whelmed with photographic screens. I can't believe, that I made photos of so much insignificat stuff (like my choclate Santa Clause). Back then, I used to skip titles for a blog post and add a caption to literally every single photo, I uploaded. This caption used to be neither interesting or explaining like this one (I entitles a photo of snow with the caption "snow!!"). Furthermore, I ended every post with my nickname in letters and in Japanese, what is kinda cool, but I think, I jsut wanted to crow my (barely there)Japanese knowledge. My posts used to be very short as well. They often didn't embrace more than one paragraph and just summed up my day briefly (for examlpe here). Sidefact: I blogged in german.
So, I thing, my blogging skills kinda improved since then, what I'm really happy about. Still, there is a bunch of things that shoud be improved and I'm working on it, I'm developing.
Nowadays, my blog is diffrent. I started renewing this blog in my autumn holidays because of the same reasons, I started it at the first place, I was bored and I wanted to start it. Since, than, it has grown and improved as well, I think, I'll talk about this when my renewel post gets one year old. I love blooging, I want to continue and improve and I want to thank anybody, who is or was following my posts, this is very motivating for me and I want to increase my readership!
That is it for today, I hope you have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow (when school starts again)
Bye for now

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