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Hey, guys!
Another series, I have started watching when we were ski diving is 'Lost'. We actually did not watch so much of it but were at least a couple of episodes, so I think I can revie
w what I am thinking about this.
Basically, the story is, that the survivors of an airliner's crash land on a seemingly not inhabited island. As they soon realize, that the plane is searched at a complete diffrent place and it is not likely to be found, where they are, they quickly build up a camp, where they are trying to survive. Furthermore, the survivors make effort to contact somebody. Quickly, they realize that they are indeed not alone at this island. Next to a mysterious creature, that is killing a lot of people, they find out, that ther have been other people on this island years ago, who also got attacked by the creature.
This is, at least, the point of story, where I currently am.
I mean, the basic concept is neither eyetremely original nor creative, but it serves its purpose, as it is tensinous and interesting ad with lots of other aspects connectable. As the people on the island are the random survivours of a airline, they are rather mixed and various. All of the characters have (obviously) really diffrent chararacters and stories. Especially the flashbacks to their journey before and in the plane and this connections make the series really interesting. There are lot of diffrent strands, that are very enmeshed in each other. Long flashbacks and retrospects are connecting this strands with each other in various ways, what makes it exetremely interesting and fun to watch.
Of course, I also like the genual story, as it is a scary yet interesting imagination to land on a empty island with some other passengers. I like people, who come together in danger and organize themselves in general, as it is an expression of community. It is  kinda fascinating to see, how the people build up their camp out of broken plane parts as well.
There is, however, something, I do not like about the series. As there are lots of characters, they are created in width not in depth. All of the characters are somehow falt and labelled ("This is the leader, this is the electronic guy, this is the smug one, ...) All of the characters occupy certain roles, they do not really get rid of. It is, obviously, possibly, that I did not come to the point, where the characters  reveal their deep natures yet. The characters are not actually reaslistic yet, they do not seem existable in the real world.
Concludingly, it is, nevertheless, a great series, I definitely want to continue to watch.
See you tomorrow xx

Update: I watched the whole show and loved it

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