travel2japan #11 the flight to Japan

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#11 the flight to Japan
Real date: March 22th

We are now in the plane. The check-in was easy ans fast 'cause we only needed our boarding cards and our visa. The plane was really huge (seat numbers from 1 to 50 and rows from A to K) but the seats are as tiny as in the previous plane. But, however, we got a lot of stuff (What I meant by that was the hygiene products, that were given to every one in a small bag. I really liked them.) The TV in the seats was in 4 diffrent languages (Turkish, English, Japanese and I do not remember the forth one). (I did not actually understand the next sentencec's structure but I think, it should go like this:) We have radio here as well and we got slippers (so plushy <3) (this was great because I did not bring my own and now I can just use this slippers in Japan and WTF (I do not know, why I wrote this)). We also got a pillow and a kind of blanket and dual audio pins. I am sitting next to a Japanese guy (as about 70% of this flight's guests). He then, however, changed places with another "Salaryman" (I don't know, why I wrote this in quotation marks) because he took the wrong seat.
Here, everyone is speaking Japanese and I really look forward to my exchange, also because I understand some words and phrases. (I actually remember a conversation, I catched white everyone was leaving it, that I could fully understand. It went something like this: A: *asked somebody to hand him his bag* (I did not understand this somehow) B: *hands bag* Kore mo (This as well? *pointing at another bag next to the previously handed*) A: Hai. (Yes.) B:(The bag was pink so she said with a laugther: Kawaii (Adorable.) *handing this bag to A as well* A:Arigatou gozaimasu(That you very much.) I was so proud of me, that I could understand that.)
I am also a bit relaxed now, because I could read the Kanjis for Osaka (Big town in Japan) on a tourist's T-Shirt and Karina could not. She also told me, that she feels like she cannot speak a word in Japanese, (Man, how mischievous am I?!)
The Japanese girls are so pretty. (Yes, they are.)
Maybe, I cut myself a fringe in Japan (I actually thought about this idea more that once in Japan because all this Japanese girls with fringes are just so adorable and pretty!)
Two funny and happy Japanese women are sitting in front of me (B from the dialogue). In about 4 1/2 month I'll understand them completely. (This is actually a little overpowerd. I mean, an exchange is obviously a great language boost, but after it, you will not know every single word in the language.)
I really think, that Karina will get some problems in Japan. Maybe, her Japanese is better that mine, but she told me (as a joke(So it was a joke. So an argumentation based on this is pointless. Seriously.)), that she would like some whisky or beer or whatever alcohol.. well, she just seems to only want to do, what she likes.
Futhermore, she did not went to school the last two weeks before her exchange and told me, that she has "problems enough" with school.(As the month before my exchange was basically the time, when I started with scheduling, planning time and developting timemanagemetn- skills, I really asked myself, what she did this whole two weeks without school) However, we'll see. (spoiler alert: She actually got some problems, but.. you will definitely see later!).
I really would like to talk to the Japanese man next to me (to learn a little Japanese) but I think, I would annoy him.
In the plane, I watched "The wulf mother"(by Studio Ghibli)(it was a really good movie) and got a tax- item- sheet (I do not know the appropriate name, but this is like the sheet, where you fill in if you are taking dangerous items to the country, you are going to travel to) and some mini- cubic sweets, which were really tasty. (I really like plane food)
A few (a lot) hours later, I lso watched a movie called "The Oz game" or so (This movie was interesting as well.) and I am currently watching "The ape planet". (I did not continue watching this, however.)  We had dinner yesterday and I made myself eating everything, even fish (:/), but I will have to eat this kind of food a lot. In the evening and morning (I am from now on speaking of the Japanese time), I went to the tiny bathroom. (The plane was literally so tiny, especally the aisle between the seat was so narrow, that two persons could hardly go ther next to each other. So, there always was a long queue in front of the bathroom and it took a lot of time to wait there.) I have to say, I could make myself comfortable with this (plane-) lifestlye.
In the night, I tried to sleep, but as it was really uncomfortable and tiny, I could not really sleep. But for about an hour (6:30 to 7:30 AM) I could get some sleep. I am not feeling very tired. I also did some Anki (a vocablurary- learining app, I really studies with quite frequently)
Now, the day has arrived and we are above the sea in front of Japan (I think, it is the Japanese sea between China, Korea and Japan). I set my mobile clock to the Japanes time and I am now really looking forward to the exchange. Somehow, nights make homesick. I can now feel, that we are sinking and starting landing (if that makes any sense). I guess I will start packing my stuff.
I cannot find my diary pen :o However, I can't believe it, but now I can already tick the first day in my calendar. This went fast. (I used to have a calender, in which's yearly overviw section I would cross through each day, I had accomplished  sucessfully.)

I hope, you liked this part
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