Why habits are so important & how to implement them

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Habits can be a very annoying, time- wasting and consuming thing to do. They can, however, be exetremely beneficial and advantageous as well. Why habits can be such a benefit and how to build them up properly are the topics, I want to talk about today.

People, who have a continuous work to do as they go to school or have a set labour often have a rather limitid time, that can be used for own projects and goals. Sometimes, only the weekend prevents some free time for this people to be concerned about something apart from their job. Althoug a whole weekend is a long time, very less people could devote this time completely to fulfill an idea or a goal. Working very long at one thing can be very consuming and tirering and one's willpower and motivation will decrease soon. It is also critical, because one weeekend, that cannot be for some reason spend on the project, means a whole week not spend on this project. Then, people are likely to even forget or supress their ideas. This kind of working will not be crowned with sucess very often.

The key to reach long- term goals and projects, are habits. A habit means, that something is done continuously and regulary, often daily. This provides a couple of benefits. First of all, it is easier to motivate oneself and stick to the activity. When only a few minutes have to be devoted to the project every day, it will no be too hard to keep the willpower to do this things. Furthermore, it is no great loss when the habit is not done for one or two days. As the week has six other days, the result will not change dramatically, because the habit was skipped a few times. In contrast the the weekend- working- method, habits are really habits, that become ingrained and are done almost automatically.
By working on a thing with habits, the project or the skill is build up slowly but continously. Sometimes, it is not even possible to achieve the goal without doing it ona regular basis, like sports, that one cannot  become better at by training once a week.

So, for this reasons, habits are a very important tool in order to reach long- term goals. But how can they be build up.
I would request  following this three- step- method;

  1. Define the frequency and time. First of all, it is important to determinate, when and how often the habit will be done. I claim habits to be done the best daily or twice a day, but obviously longer times distances are okay as well. Next, it should be decided, when the habit will be done. Should it be a part of the morning routine? Or maybe after dinner? Before work? I personally embed my new habits in my morning or evening routine. When  a h
    abit is done best, really depends on the habit's content as well as the persons character. It can be helpful to try out diffrent times of the day and then decide, which fits the best.
  2. Write it down. The process of habiting really depends on how well it sticks in our head and in order to make it stick the best, it is very helpful to write the habit down. I personally use a tickbox- list in my smarphone to write down my routines and embed new habits. For habits, that are done less frequently that daily, I use my calendar and write it down in blue (my habit color). The process of writing it down is a way of controlling oneself and the process of habiting.
  3. Document the habit. While adopting the habit, is is crucial to keep on track. For this, it is very  helpful to document, how well the process of habiting goes. This can be done various way. The easiest way is to tick each day, the habit was done. For this, the yearly calendar section can be used. It is also possible to make a diagramm to evaluate one's own habit behaviour.
Using this method, habit can become ingrained sucessfully within a few days.
I really hope, you found this article helpful and it may helped or inspired you to build up a habit. 
See you soon!

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