work hard, play hard

No, I do not want to talk about the song.
Work hard, play hard is a term, that basically means, that ones does the best possible in his work (school, labour, anything that has to be done and is not so very pleasant) but also uses his leisure for high- fun activities.
I did not used to do either. I used to study a lot but not very smart, what means that I would spend a lot of my time for school stuff but this would not be really effective as I only studied the things by memorizing them repeatedly. This is the easiest way yet not the effectivest. As for my leisure, when I had one, I did not want to do huge projects or great activities (like events) because I feared that they would supress my studying and cost too much time.
I think, it is the easiest way to do so, because one does not really have to put effort in his activities or think about them actively. Furthermore, it feels comfortable, because I had the feeling that I am studying very hard and very much, what made myself feel good. On the other hand, I then was sometimes surprised by my grades. As studying was not very exhausting or arduous, I had no problem with having no or very few fun activities a day.
Since a few weeks, I started thinking about this issue intensively and I am trying to change it.
I think, it is basically a question of planning skills and method knowledge, whether this will work out. It does not necessarily mean reducing the hours of work but using them more intensively as well as the hours of freetime and leisure.
For intensifying the hours of work, I have a couple of things, I am already or I want to do; First of all, I want to think about topics more intensively. When we had a task in school about for example a character in a book, I used to write a lot of pages, repeated myself very often and did not really go in depth with this character. Instead I wrote down the superficially visible things. I do not really know how to change this but I will start by at least thinking about it. The next thing, tht is important for working hard is working without interruption or intermissions. So, when I study I want to try to do it constantly till the homework/ paper is done and do not go to the fridge to procrastinate a little. I also want to try to visualize study stuff. With that, I mean both taking notes, that are not only text phrases but are easier to understand by visualizing them on the paper as well as visualize things by studying them. I do not yet have a actual method for this.
As you can see, my intensifiying studying strategies are still nothing more than rough ideas, but I hope, that as I work on them, I will improve  and develop this methods
On the other hand, I also want to intensify my fun actions. Instead of watching hours of youtube videos and movies, I want to do both more prouductive and joyous activities. My current plans are about sewing, what is not only time- intensive but it also costs money as well as a lot of effort.
I do not not whether the work hard play hard concept is adaptable to money. I mean, as I do not make money with suceeding in school, I cannot extend this money by working harder. I get pocketmoney, but this will not change, when I intensify my studies, what means, that this should not be implicted in the work hard play hard thing. Intensive activities, however, tend to cost a lot of money, whereas low- fun activities are mostly free. So, I am still struggeling with this issue
In general, working and playing harder helps heightening the work's results as well as ones fun level. Sounds great, doesn't it?
See you tomorrow

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