a hard challenge for minimalists- gifts

Hello, everybody!
As I had my birthday party with both my friends and my family yesterday, I also received some gifts. I handed my mother a wishlist some weeks ago and she actually bougth me the stuff, I wished for. As I wrote the wishes I really do like the stuff I got and I am pretty happy about it. But the gifts are not necessary. As it are books, they could be lend or read online or listened to (audiobook) easily without receiving another space- consuming item.
by myself,
My friends, knowing, that I really love this cute Japanese characters, bought me loads of adorable and Japan- themed items, among them notebooks, pencils and rubbers. I really loved the items for their cuteness and because they connect me to Japan, but in retrospect I barely need one of them. I seriously have enough pencils, writing pads and notebooks to write 20 years with them.
So, how should I handle receiving gifts as a minimalist?

First of all, I want to point out, that I am not going to throw away any of the gifts, I received. I am going to try to use them as best possible and probably get rid of them later, when I may come to the conclusion, that I do not need them, but for know, I will keep this gifts.
Gift genually should express ones positive attitude and love towards the person, but it seems as this intention is often replaced with the pure feeling of obligation to give just something, regardless of its meaning.
But love cannot be assesed by the amount of money spend for the gift. To show love, one should make the other person feel good, what is definitely achievable without an expensive gift as well.
I can think of three kinds of gifts to give this good feeling- gifts to a person;  consumable gifts, experieces or material.
Consumable gifts are mostly food supplies, that can be used by the time. They also can be hygiene or cleaning products, what I, however, have enough of for now.
Giving experiences means giving one's time to somebody in order to create a great memory. Gifts of this cathegory could be voucers or coupons for an experience. The experience does not necessary have to be a event, like a concert or a show, it can also be a day spend together, doing something joyous like cooking together, hiking or camping.
Lastly, I could wish for actually needed material. In my case, this would be fabric for sewing. The problem with this item is, that it is very hard to tell, what kind or color of fabric is needed without touching or viewing it. In that case, coupons for the certain shop could be given. It is possible to connect this cathegory with the previous one and give a coupon for going shopping together in a fabric store.

In my eyes, this really love- spreading gifts will be a great alternative to expensive but meaningless gifts. They can also be way cheaper and less effort to make, while having a great effect.
I really hope, you liked this article and probably found it helpful. I wish you a great day and if it is your birthday, a great birthday with lots of love- spreading gifts.
See you soon

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