About my 'onliné time'

Hello, guys!
When working out my night and morning routine, I created a 'online time'. That means, that I use this very time of the day and only this time to go online.
Okay, not completely. Let me explain. In my case, my online time is about half an hour in the morning and evening, dependent on how much messages arrived this day. I use this time to ansewer my WhatsApp and LINE (kind of WhatsApp, that is used in Asia very often), check my tumblr and pinterest (I am not suscribed to anyone, but I check, whether somebody wrote me a message) and (in the morning) do a English- studying app named 'Elevate'. Depending on how much messages I got, the time, I spend on my smartphone, varies.
It is not the only time in the day, I spend online. Throughout the day, I use my computer to blog, research or write E-Mails. So, the name 'online time' can be a bit misleading. 
It is, however, the only time in the day, I spend online on my smartphone(unless there's a very important thing (e.g. school project) to regule online).
Now the question is, why you should adopt this online time to your life as well. I found it exetremely beneficial. As I would consider the smartphone as one of the biggest distractions, it can be very devasting to check social media and answer messages every few minutes. As I have already explaines in the article about multi- tasking, this switching between smartphone and activity increases the needed time to finish the activity and consumes a lot of energy. Continuing this smartphone- checking- habit for a long time, will sooner or later lead to a lack of productivity and decreased results. 
The problem with this is, that smartphones are nowadays exetremely important and often required for planning or organizing something. So, what I require to do it not to cut off one's online time completely, but restricting and scheduling it. I found it fitting to my lifestyle to schedule this online time to two set times and the evening and morning. This way, I can make sure, that I am not missing something important, keep regular contact with my Japanese friends and am up to date with my social media. The diffrence is, that is does not consume me. I do not feel the need to answer a message directly after it has been send, half a day later will be okay as well. In case, something is exetremely important, the person is still able to call me. 
Using this online time prevents me from getting distracted by my phone when doing something. So, I think, it is very beneficial to schedule one's online time, do not develop any addictive sympthops and cutting off work distractions while still being up to date.
I hope, you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it.
See you soon!

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