cooking #5 rice-stir-fry

Hey, everybody!
This rice-stir-fry is actually not adapted from a recepie but it was created by my using up diffrent kinds of vegetables, I could find in my house and putting them in a pan. Therefore, it is a very individually adjustable meal, that will be tasty anyway. Let's get started!

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: rice
                    kidney beans
                    vegetable sticks
                    tomato paste

Required devices: a pan
                              a spatula
                              a carving board

How to do:
Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan and spread it around the pan. Add one bowl of rice and start heating at level 5. Add half a bowl of corn and mix everything together. Next, put the half a cup of kidney beans from the bin in a small colander and swill it before adding it as well. Cut the leech into pieces of about 1 centimeter. Cut 7 centimeters of leech in total and put it in the pan. Take half an avocade and pre- cut it before cutting out the flesh and mix it under the other ingredients. Add some vegetable sticks and the tomato piece and let everything fry for abpout 5 minutes while stirring it. Now, cut the vegetable sticks into small pie 3 centimeters(you can use the spatula for this) and you are done!

Very tasty, easy makabe warm meal in my opinion. I enjoyed it very much and willl do it definitely again, probably with partly diffrent ingredients.
I hope you enjoyed this article and may try out the recepie yourself. See you soon!

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